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About the Role

We are seeking our Chief AI Officer to break the predictive medicine frontier in the best seeded health tech start-up in Europe. 

Zoī launched its first one-of-a-kind health check-up center in November 2023, which offers a 360° degree analysis of our member’s health status. The Zoī check-up has been crafted precisely to generate millions of data points for each member, which are analyzed by their doctor and result in a series of actionable recommendations. These recommendations are entirely personalized and intended to catalyze change in our members’ lifestyle. A behavioral analysis is then conducted throughout the following year to assess how members implement change and progress made on a wide range of metrics.

Basically, high quality, labeled data is already flowing in.

Data science is indeed integrated into every step of this process, from the analysis to the recommendations, and finally into our app that nudges each user to put recommendations into practice. We currently have a team of top-notch senior data scientists and engineers, who have built the foundations for the approach. With the ramp up of our members, we are looking for our Chief AI Officer to drive the data and AI strategy and vision, build out the tech stack, recruit and lead the team, and drive our approach to predictive health as we scale. 

In addition, there will be a strong emphasis on applied research, with a significant opportunity to leverage both our exceptional database, ranging from “hard” medical data to “soft” behavioral ones, and AI to discover and define new protocols in medicine. 

Who we are looking for

    • Someone lucid enough to know already that the difference he/she will individually make will only be massive if outside of big tech companies  
    • Creative enough to invent the path that separates us from predictive medicine. We are not looking to, nor will in any shape, duplicate what has already been done. 
    • Expert enough to make bet-the-house strategic and technical choices in order to develop scalable, sustainable performing models 
    • Confident enough to want to work with, lead and grow a team of A++ players
    • Mad enough to believe that we are really going to change the world by bringing predictive medicine to everyone: there aren’t many better ways to literally save lives.

    • Thus someone bold enough to transform this incredible challenge into a concrete reality.


    • Ph.D. in computer science, AI, machine learning, data science, applied mathematics, or related technical field
    • Experience in Machine Learning engineering, ML framework development and performance optimization 
    • Previous health experience is not mandatory.
More about Zoī

Zoī ( is a deeptech startup at the intersection of medicine and wellness, founded by Ismaël Emélien and Paul Dupuy. In 2022, they raised 20M Euros in seed capital from leading investors, among which, Stéphane Bancel, Xavier Niel, Jean-Marie Messier, and Rodolphe Saadé.

By combining advances in medicine, data science and behavioral science, Zoī provides its members with a state-of-the art 360° medical check-up, followed by a personalized digital support system to profoundly improve their quality of life and healthspan.

The three pillars of Zoī

1. A network of high-end health centers where members meet their medical team, undergo their check-up and start their preventive health journey

2. A critical algorithm and technology suite facilitating the work of the medical team to analyze holistically the millions of data points generated during the medical check-up and make personalized recommendations for members

3. A mobile application that helps members take daily action to implement recommendations and make qualitative changes in their lives