R&D Project Manager

Budapest, Hungary /
Project Management /
The members of our 14 strong project management team are responsible for digital service and product creation through several phases: discovery, design and development. They have complete ownership of stakeholder management, concept creation & design, and the day-to-day development of the product. 
We are not only responsible for keeping the budget, timeline and quality but also to extend our ownership to build strong relationships with the client, put the project and the client on a growth path, build and maintain culture. You are not alone in all this. You can rely on our strong culture and colleagues (product strategists, visual team, architects, technology leads).
We are not afraid to step outside the boundaries of the classic project manager role. If needed we act as BAs or Product owners. We build technical and domain competence and do quality assurance. 

Your responsibilities:

    • Understanding technology-related issues to be able to deliver the best possible solution for our clients 
    • Having in-depth discussions on technical details with the team & client
    • Managing in-house and remote development teams
    • Understanding of architecture, APIs, MQ’s, etc….
    • Usage of your amazing change management skills when it comes to unforeseen edge cases
    • Handling situations where you have to describe how a function works for non-technical people and also being able to translate business requirements to the technical team
    • Driving technical and domain plannings
    • Creating functional specifications, detailed timeline and delivery plans with appropriate risk and dependency assessment and mitigation plans
    • Facilitating sprint plannings and development process to ensure efficient delivery

Our current setup:

    • We are agile practitioners, facilitating daily stand-ups, retros and other scrum seances that will be a part of your life
    • To keep our projects on track we are using Jira, Slack, Github, and Gitlab
    • Our PMs are bridging the gap between our partners and our dev teams, therefore excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills are necessary for addition to being an experienced negotiator
    • Strong client and account management skills because we like to keep our clients happy 🙂
    • We are truly a tech-oriented squad, so explaining different high-level technical solutions for business people is not a big deal for us
    • Besides clients we sure care about our dev team, therefore we expect you to shelter them from random changes and client requests and also pay attention to team spirit
    • Vice versa, understanding business requirements and their technical implications are also our cups of tea

What we are offering:

    • Use the latest technologies in software and hardware
    • Constant learning by attending in-house workshops
    • English class 4 times a week
    • A young team of 150 on a mission to create awesome products
    • Work on high-impact international projects
    • MacBook Pro, Company library, Personal Equipment budget
    • Playstation, beer tap, awesome company culture 🙂
    • Cool office in the heart of Budapest

Dear Ukrainian Friends,
We know that life has put you into an awful situation and some of you had to make the decision to leave your home and come to Hungary for refuge. We deeply share your pain in the current situation and we hope that peace will soon return to your country. In the meantime, we try to do as much as we can and besides raising fundamental goods the other thing we can do is to provide jobs. If you’re working in the field of software development or similar in positions like Product Design, Project Management, Software Development or Testing we’d love to have you in our team! We provide visa support and a long term place in our supportive and welcoming team.

Supercharge was founded in Budapest and the office here is our headquarters. While we have local offices in multiple countries, this is the hub where we serve our clients from. On any given day you will find this place buzzing with our people working on cool products or chilling out at one of our after-work events. The “Office of the Year” award-winning space is conveniently located in the heart of Budapest near Deak Ferenc square so prepare yourself for culinary adventures during lunch nearby.

Our culture is very strong and we try to keep it that way. We believe that the power of personal contact and interaction can improve team dynamics and support our well-being, thus we implemented hybrid work policies, which means 2 days of office presence and 3 days of optional home office. For those who commute from the countryside, we provide even more flexibility.