Senior Software Engineer

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About the role
We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to help build out our custom React web app and .NET Core API used both internally and by our clients. We're looking for someone who has worked with teams building well-designed, performant and effective applications in support of complex business rules/flows. 

You will work closely with established team members and become familiar with our technology stack. As you improve your understanding of our business logic, you will contribute your experience by continuing to build new features and improve existing systems. You will collaborate with our other developers in the integration with and development of the Smartwyre RESTful API. 

The ideal candidate will be proficient in .NET development, have some expertise working with single-page application technologies (React preferred),and will be interested in developing their skillset while working across both technologies with the help of their team.  

Your Responsibilities

    • Take on work as directed by team leaders 
    • Develop an understanding of the current architecture and begin contributing to the codebase 
    • Develop a solid foundation of domain knowledge that will guide your decisions and your collaboration with the business 
    • Collaborate with other teams to help build shared APIs that can serve many applications and scale independently, focusing on the consumption of those APIs 
    • Actively participate in all projects and work together to build high quality solutions 
    • Participate in “brown bag discussions” with the rest of the team to develop personal and team skills 
    • Provide constructive feedback on pull requests to increase code quality organically 
Our Ideal Candidate
We need developers that share our passion for building and scaling cutting-edge Web and Mobile apps in a high-functioning, remote team!

You feel comfortable in a fast-moving environment and are ambitious about the speed and quality of your code.

You will have proven experience developing single page web applications and super experienced in developing C# applications using .NET   We want you to be working with PostgreSQL or other RDB including writing queries and be super keen in developing toward proficiency in both of the above  

Having experience working in an agile (scrum, kanban, or scrumban) environment is important to us.

Talking to key stakeholders and understand and show passion for the business objectives of the company.
You are comfortable with a fair bit of uncertainty, fast change, and love solving hard problems collaboratively.
You are a team player who thrives working in an honest and friendly working atmosphere. We have a flat hierarchy and give you the opportunity to make a real impact.

You are passionate about the craft of software development and contribute to technical and non-technical discussions that help shape the direction of digital product delivery. You are able to work independently, as well as collaboratively, on user stories within an agile delivery environment and are versed in modern software delivery practices. You care about creating quality software that meets the needs of our client’s vision and goals, in a thoughtfully pragmatic way.