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SEBx was founded in 2018 with the purpose of exploring new technologies and developing new customer offerings. We do this by combining the speed, agility, and legacy-free infrastructure of a fintech startup, with the trust, experience, capital, license, and knowledge of an incumbent. Being an independent innovation studio within the SEB Group, we can leverage on both of these worlds. We fuel innovation by our aspiration to build and power financial services in new ways. 

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As a Frontend Engineer at SEBx you'll be creating innovative user interfaces for a multiple of different projects, ranging from advanced research projects within AI to disruptive business ideas. Your work will be important for the new functionality developed at SEBx to be understood and useful for our target audience. SEBx, being a center for research and innovation within SEB, constantly scans the horizon to spot what could have an impact on the financial market and society at large. We then work to understand, explore and (if possible) scale those technologies by building proof of concepts and dedicated project groups.

To thrive in this role, we believe you have:

    • 1-3 years of experience in frontend, using for example react, rust or similar, but more importantly you are willing to learn new techniques.
    • A passion for new technology and design techniques, especially in your professional field.
    • An open mind to innovative solutions and a habit of thinking outside the box.
    • An eye for designing beautiful, useful and intuitive graphical interfaces.
    • Some understanding of backend and infrastructure as well. I.e. you know how to deploy your work to k8s.

What we offer:

    • Small agile teams where you have a lot of influence and your work have the possibility of a large impact.
    • Work with the latest technology stack, that is ever changing, and that you will influence.
    • Cooperation with a wide range of entities; groups within SEB, a large research community and market leading corporations.
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Since we select candidates continuously, feel free to send in your application today, but no later than 2023-12-17. If you have questions about the position, please contact Björn Ahlström at
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