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Are you ready to play a key role in SEB’s journey to be the leading Data-driven Bank in the Nordics?
SEB is a leading northern European financial services group with customer bases among both private individuals and organisations. In Group Data Management Office, our mission is to empower everyone in SEB with the ability to use data in all facets of operating our Business to meet the evolving demands of our Customers and now more than ever to make intelligent decisions in terms of the Environment and our Planet.
What you will be doing
You will join the growing Group Data Management Office with colleagues dedicated to the full spectrum of data management capabilities serving the whole bank.  While your role will be first and foremost in the Data Architecture space, we’re a team; so you can expect a great support network and also contribute with your talent in other areas freely, side by side with your colleagues.
Some of the questions that you will drive and condense into a strategy and executable roadmap will be:

·       What services might we need to create centrally to ensure there is interoperability and adequate control when data is decentralised?
·       How do we give agility to our business domains and at the same time avoid unsustainable data silos and convoluted spiderweb of data movement?
·       How do we get economies of scale in everything we do, build in privacy and compliance and lower the cost of data and solutions in the company?
·       What will our technology layer look like today and tomorrow from the perspective of data architecture?
·       What is most important to address in the short-term and where do we need to invest for the long-term to realise business value through being data-driven?
…and because it’s about people, this strategy and roadmap places equal emphasis on the behaviour and data architecture competence needed to deliver.  You will bring everyone together, take the first steps, and lead the change.
Who we are looking for
·       You’ve seen the development of Data over the years.  From Marts and Enterprise Data Warehousing, to Bigdata and Cloud – a lot of the same challenges remain and you’re intent on solving them!
·       Your background is in design and implementation of Data Architecture capabilities: Frameworks, Policies, Instructions, Technology Solutions and Operating Models at the Enterprise level.
·       This is naturally a long-term undertaking and requires you have a good mix of domain knowledge as well as leadership skills.  You know how to a build a “business in the business”.
·       You no doubt have previous experience within a given business domain, potentially from Banking; however, you have transitioned to roles where the goal is for group-wide change.
·       Your view of designing and building the tech is important, but still only part of the bigger picture; you're also concerned with motivating, empowering and governing people in a distributed model by federating around best practice.
·       Despite scaling being a challenge (i.e. change the whole business!) you are adept at figuring out how and where to start small…and you look for early signals that what you are creating will add value and result in a snowball effect.
·       You’re also excellent at presenting a vision and motivating a shift in people’s approach to designing, building and managing our data platforms today and for the future.
Experience keywords:
Data Architecture, Data Mesh, Domain Driven Design, Data Products, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Catalog, TOGAF, Programme Management, Project Management, Agile, SAFe, Data Warehousing
Cloud, GCP, Big Query, Hadoop, PubSub, Kafka
What we offer

We offer many experiences and benefits to our employees, and there is nuance to every individual’s career experience, but the elements that define the core of our offering are:
·        Work-life balance
·        Friendly and welcoming culture
·        International opportunities and working environment
·        Access to SEB staff banking with exclusive benefits
·        Long-term stability
·        Challenging, cutting-edge work
·        Opportunities to help transform an industry
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It is our fundamental belief that inclusion and diversity is crucial for our future success. We strive to have an inclusive, value-driven culture where employees feel valued, respected and involved irrespective of who they are, what they believe or where they come from.
Ready to join?
Since we select candidates continuously, feel free to send in your application today, but no later than January 2022. Due to Christmas holidays, we initiate selection process in full in mid-January. If you have questions about the position please contact Katarina Pihl, Talent Acquisition Partner at  

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