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Are you a data engineer and thinking of new challenges? Or are you perhaps working as a software developer and interested in transitioning into data engineering? Then you’ve come to the right place! 
What you will be doing 
Data is an especially valuable resource for SEB’s journey ahead, and you will be working with important types of deliveries and business areas. SEB is undergoing a major change in how we handle and make use of our data, and you will have a significant impact on defining this journey ahead!  
As a Data Engineer at SEB, you will be handling interesting technical problems and be a part of SEB's change journey becoming a truly data driven bank using modern tools and ways of working. You will be handling substantial amounts of data and using different modern tools, such as GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Kafka, Spark and Terraform. You will also be involved in various data driven initiatives which create value for our customers.   
Who are you? 
First of all, we believe you are a person who is curious about learning new things and likes problem-solving. You enjoy working with substantial amounts of data and how to handle and make use of it. You like to work in teams and projects that involve machine learning and advanced analytics. We are looking for a person who has systematic thinking and can solve different problems with different solutions. The most important thing is that you are motivated and that you think it is fun to present and share your results within the team and the bank.  
To thrive in this position, we believe you have a background in software engineering and can work with some programming languages such as Python, Java or Scala. It is also a big advantage if you have any experience working with databases and big data technologies such as Spark and Kafka, but if not, we are happy to help you learn!   
Cloud is top on the agenda in our transformation journey. Having some experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform(GCP) or similar are therefore appreciated but not a requirement.
Having previously worked in agile teams will make you adapt to the work situation better, same goes with familiarity of CI/CD and automation.  
We believe, as an employer, that diversity is key to development in the workplace, and we welcome every type of person applying to our positions. 
Recommendations if you are interested in becoming a Data engineer 
Online courses - for GCP and data engineering 
Example of a good book about data engineering is: "building data intensive applications"  
If you are a person who likes theory, then we recommend learning how to manage big amounts of data, and what big data is. 
There are certifications you can take in Data engineering and Machine learning. 
Other technologies to get familiar with: Spark, Big Query, Hadoop, Kubernetes, airflow. 
If this sounds like something for you, please apply or reach out at Since this is a general application, we might not have a specific position right now but hopefully in a near future. If you see a specific position that you're interested in we encourage you to apply directly to that one.

Looking forward to speaking with you!