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Are you passionate about code-driven solutions instead of click ops? Does enabling modern encryption services with high levels of security sound exciting to you? Does AES, RSA, EC, HSM, PKI, KMS, FIPS and PCI sound familiar? We are looking to expand the Crypto Key Management team within Infrastructure & Security! Join our skilled team at SEB, where we uphold a robust IT security framework, with a specific focus on encryption services and solutions.
What you will be doing 
As the IT landscape rapidly advances towards automation and widespread cloud adoption, the demand to drive automation within this domain is imperative. You will take an active part in finding out what solution is needed to fulfill a need, and how to fit it in the puzzle which is the SEB IT environment.
You will play a key role in identifying, designing, and implementing solutions that align with business requirements. Being a member of the Crypto Key Management team, operational tasks such as configuration changes, handling incidents, requests, and life cycle management will be part of your responsibilities.
Being a team member of the Crypto Key Management team, your involvement will include participation in projects focused on securing various aspects with the support of our encryption services. The team handles highly secure tasks and activities in rigorously controlled environments.
As encryption services are required in nearly every infrastructure component and in almost every application, a broad knowledge and deep understanding of IT in general is highly valuable. Experience in managing components in a large-scale infrastructure, implementing services and tools on a large scale, or developing supporting solutions is a plus.
Who we are looking for
A motivated and enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in understanding the full scope of a problem. You don't settle for being just a piece of the puzzle; you want the complete picture. Expressing how to do things in a clear and understandable way, both in written text and spoken word, is something you find satisfying. Accurate, punctual, orderly, caring, and dutiful are words that describe you well. You are a team player with a strong logical sense, keeping calm in stressful situations and believe that when the teams succeed, we all succeed.
A big chunk of the work in a modern IT environment involves working with code in one way or another. Whether it’s creating an encryption key in AWS KMS, automating the certificate signing for a workload in OpenShift or encrypting data with our on-premises KMS, it’s all about code. Therefore, we're searching for someone who can write code independently. Proficiency in the following languages is essential:
• Python
• PowerShell
• Terraform
Proficiency in any other programming language is also acceptable. The key is having the ability to write code, not just being ‘open to learn’.
Being familiar with the following is essential (ordered by preference):
• Version control (Git)
• CI/CD pipelines (e.g., GitHub, GitLab)
• Automation tools (e.g., GitHub Actions, Ansible)
• PKI, encryption,and key management in cloud platforms and in enterprise environments
• Containers and container orchestration (e.g., OpenShift)
• Authentication and authorization (e.g., OIDC, oAuth, Kerberos, JWT)
• Hypervisors
• Industry standards within the area (e.g., PCI, NIST)
• Networking
What we offer:
A possibility to be a part of a very skilled and self-organized team working at the very front end on providing security services in an area where both technology, legal requirements and business demands are evolving very rapidly. 
We also offer:
• Entrepreneurial Scandinavian environment  
• International opportunities and working environment
• Attractive compensation and access to SEB staff banking with exclusive benefits 
Do you want to be part of SEB? 
Welcome to our inclusive culture, where our shared values inspire and uplift our team. We celebrate diversity and strive to ensure every employee feels seen, heard, and valued.
Since we select candidates continuously, feel free to send in your application today, but no later than 25nd of May 2024. If you have questions about the position, please contact Mikael Bremander, Team Manager at phone no +46 70 432 98 94 or by mail
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