Advanced Experimental Physicist

London, Cambridge or Oxford / Munich
Science & Technology – Quantum Computing Hardware /
Full-time /
We are seeking an Experimental Physicist in our Munich Germany,  London UK, Oxford UK, or Cambridge UK locations.

Our team is leading the development, integration, and operation of quantum computing systems at Quantinuum. We are looking for experimental scientists with hands-on experience building and operating devices to manipulate qubits, quantum spin systems, or cold and trapped atomic systems. The perfect candidate will have intimate knowledge of one or more advanced laboratory techniques for controlling quantum systems, which could include precision laser spectroscopy, low noise DC and RF electronics, cryogenic UHV systems, or computer control systems. They will also have excellent communication and collaboration skills as they are working with teams of engineers and other scientists to develop and test new concepts. Our scientists are thought leaders in the field, publishing papers and presenting research to peers.

Key Responsibilities:

    • You will remotely support our commercial quantum computers.
    • You will apply previous experience in experimental laboratory research to design, develop, verify, and deploy quantum computers using trapped ions as qubits.  
    • You will work alongside teams of scientists and engineers to bring new concepts to life. 
    • You will be responsible for working in a research lab environment to collect data on system performance and characterizing device characteristics. 
    • You will perform design trade studies and analysis. You will present scientific results at conferences or in publications.

You must have:

    • PhD completed prior to starting Minimum 4+ years’ experience (PhD inclusive) involving one or more of the following areas: quantum information, qubits, atomic physics, precision spectroscopy, optics, vacuum systems, electronics, cryogenics, or laser

We value:

    • Experience with design or operation of a device for quantum information processing
    • Experience with laser cooling and trapping of ions or neutral atoms 
    • Experience performing simulation and modelling to inform experiments 
    • Experience programming experimental control systems for data collection, signal processing, and data analysis  
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, with published results within their field of research. 
    • Experience in post-doctoral research positions or other mentorship positions
    • Demonstrated organizational and leadership skills