Research Scientist, Applied Quantum Algorithms

London or Cambridge /
Science & Technology – Quantum Software & Algorithms /
/ Hybrid
We are seeking a Research Scientist for our Applied Quantum Algorithms team in London or Cambridge, UK.
Our team is leading the development, implementation, and application of quantum algorithms to computational problems of practical interest. We are seeking a research scientist with experience in designing and implementing quantum algorithms and an interest in applying those to real-world problems. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in at least one of our core research interests in areas such as quantum simulation methods, quantum singular value transform, Gibbs states and their applications with the overall goal of making those methods amenable to implementation on actual quantum hardware. The successful candidate will contribute to ongoing research and implementation within a team of scientists and also contribute to industry collaborations. Our team members regularly publish scientific papers and present results at conferences.

Key responsibilities

    • Contribute to the team’s research and development in quantum algorithms for future applications
    • Work with other teams to implement and tailor key quantum algorithmic primitives
    • Contribute to industry R&D collaborations in applying quantum algorithms to computational problems
    • Communicate scientific results within the company and externally via publications and presentations


    • PhD in a relevant field (physics, mathematics, computer science etc.)
    • Experience in quantum algorithms and their applications to computational problems

What we value

    • Demonstrated research track record via publications in a relevant field
    • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
    • Experience with applications such simulating quantum systems, differential equation solving, machine learning, or optimisation
    • Familiarity with the implementation of quantum algorithms on simulators or quantum hardware
    • Programming skills in a high-level language such as Python and relevant tools such as JAX, pytket, Qiskit etc.