Product Support Engineer - Quantum Chemistry

Science & Technology – Quantum Chemistry /
Full-time /
We are looking for a product support engineer to enable further development of the capabilities and ecosystem of InQuanto™, our quantum chemistry software package. InQuanto is the leading package for the simulation of molecular and solid state systems on quantum computers, using cutting-edge algorithms and providing a platform for further quantum algorithms research in quantum chemistry.

As InQuanto grows in scale and complexity, our users will need more help to get the best out of it. In addition, work is needed to facilitate integration with other software offerings at Quantinuum.

This role will involve addressing tech support requests from customers, write documentation and tutorials, liaise with other technical teams at the company to facilitate integration with other Quantinuum products, and contribute to general development of the InQuanto codebase, including feature development. The role also has an outreach component, leading workshops and training sessions (both in person and via video conference).

You will work closely with Quantinuum’s quantum chemistry developers and scientists on a daily basis, as well as our business development and product teams, and of course the users themselves.  You will also be an important conduit for feedback to the developers, and an advocate for users’ needs.


    • Experience in programming, preferably in python
    • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Physics, or a closely related field with an orientation towards computer simulation of quantum systems
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to clearly communicate complex ideas to people of varying expertise
    • Strong problem-solving skills

Nice to haves:

    • Experience of software development tools such as git, Jira
    • Experience of working in tech support
    • Experience of teaching or delivering technical training
    • Higher degree involving quantum chemistry, computational materials physics or similar
    • Familiar with quantum chemistry or ab initio solid state codes
    • Familiar with quantum computing