Research Scientist, Condensed Matter Application

Munich / Remote GER
Science & Technology – Quantum Software /
Full-time /
Quantum computers are soon entering a regime in which they are not just hard to simulate classically, but can outperform classical computers on certain quantum simulation tasks. At the same time, the first logical qubits are being created. So far, quantum experiments have been carried out on toy models without matching these models with parameters obtained from ab initio calculations. It has become clear that, in the near term, prospects of quantum advantage are highly sensitive to the precise form of these parameters. This creates the need to search materials space for promising candidates for applications with quantum advantage. To address this issue, we are opening a Research Scientist position based in Munich, Germany.

Your initiative in exploring new research and product directions is highly valued. You will work in a team with eight other research scientists and developers with a variety of backgrounds from condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, all with strong quantum computing knowledge. We highly value Deep Work, the ability to concentrate on one singular task for extended periods of time without interruptions.

The role will comprise:

    • Creation of a pipeline to map real condensed matter systems to Hamiltonians amenable to quantum simulation.
    • Identification of criteria that influence quantum simulability and estimating the resources required for quantum advantage.
    • Publication and patenting of research results.
    • Key concepts include: Active space identification, Wannierization, experimental condensed matter techniques, strongly correlated materials, van der Wals heterostructures.
    • Quantum computer formulation and execution of customer projects.
    • Attracting external funding.

You qualifications must include:

    • A PhD in physics, mathematics or a related area.
    • Published research in condensed matter physics using ab initio tools.
    • Strong programming skills, especially in Python.
    • Mastery of ab initio software like e.g., Quantum Espresso, VASP, Wannier90.