Research Scientist QNLP/ML

Science & Technology – Quantum NLP & Quantum AI /
Full-time /
Quantinuum are seeking to hire 2 accomplished Research Scientist to join our Compositional Intelligence team based at Oxford. In this role you will be responsible for the further development of our activity in the areas of: 

• Designing new quantum NLP models and applying them to some standard NLP tasks and applications, such as sentiment analysis, language modelling, translation; 
• Implementing those models in simulation on classical computers, as well as running them on quantum emulators and real quantum hardware. 

You will be working within the Compositional Intelligence at Oxford, reporting to Quantinuum’s Head of AI, Dr. Stephen Clark. Some relevant work to recently come out of the group is given in the References below. 

The team’s other areas of interest include compositional models for interpretable AI, development of relevant software packages, theoretical and applied ZX-calculus, diagrammatic photonics, and quantum education. 

You must have:

    • At least an MSc in computer science, physics, mathematics, or related area 
    • Familiarity with neural networks and deep learning 
    • Proven experience with ML toolkits, such as Pytorch or Tensorflow 
    • Strong programming skills with extensive programming experience 


    • PhD in a relevant area 
    • Experience of QML toolkits, such as TensorFlow Quantum 
    • Basic training in quantum computing 
    • Familiarity with basic natural language processing 


    • Sequence Processing with Tensor Networks, Carys Harvey, Richie Yeung, Konstantinos Meichanetzidis. 
    • From Conceptual Spaces to Quantum Concepts: Formalising and Learning Structured Conceptual Models. Sean Tull, Razin A. Shaikh, Sara Sabrina Zemljic, Stephen Clark.