Lead Outsourcing Environment Artist

Paris, Ile de France
Graphisme – Environnements /
As part of the development of its upcoming Star Wars Eclipse™ game, QUANTIC DREAM is recruiting a lead outsourcing environment artist whose responsibility will be to maintain the established quality and artistic consistency of our game to our outsourcing teams. 

You will be part of a dynamic and passionate team, with the opportunity to work on an ambitious and innovative project. 
Reporting to the Art Directors and the Production Manager Outsourcing of the project, in close collaboration with the technical, graphic and production teams, you will ensure the proper transcription of the desired artistic vision.  

The role requires strong artistic skills, providing feedback and tracking the delivery of assets to our outsourcers. You will participate in the organization and review process of outsourced assets and ensure artistic consistency between internal and external quality. 

As a lead outsourcer, you will also understand the various constraints of game development, including performance, memory budgets, production schedules and artistic requirements. 

Strong communication and team management skills are essential for this position. You will be motivated, demanding and adaptable. 


    • Work with the lead environment to maintain the required artistic quality of each asset delivered by our external teams; 
    • Work with our production team to ensure that assets are delivered on time with the required level of artistic and technical quality; 
    • Maintain a good relationship and follow-up between internal and external teams; 
    • Ensure briefs and follow-up of outsourced assets; 
    • Ensure good understanding, both artistic and technical, to our external teams; 
    • Ensure solid communication with our external teams regarding our expectations of artistic and technical quality.  
    • Provide artistic and technical feedback on assets delivered by our external teams; 
    • Work with our internal documentalist team to ensure that our outsourcing packages have the right level of quality/detail for our production needs.


    • Very good level in English; 
    • 4+ years of professional experience with at least 1 AAA game published or equivalent; 
    • Managerial and artistic experience; 
    • Mastery of industry standard tools such as Maya, Zbrush, Substance, Photoshop, Perforce; 
    • Strong artistic and visual sensibility; 
    • Experience in environmental/vehicle/weapons (modeling, texturing and optimization); 
    • In-depth knowledge of High/Low poly pipe, as well as PBR material management; 
    • Solid understanding of the technical constraints of real time (memory, GPU, CPU performance); 
    • Ability to improve and evolve the project to meet the ever increasing quality demands; 
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills to interact and collaborate with our external teams; 
    • Initiative and ability to make proposals; 
    • Ability to evaluate and develop our external teams in relation to artistic expectations but also to technical and time budgets; 
    • Knowledge of Chinese language is a plus. 
We offer you the opportunity to join experienced and passionate teams and to work on ambitious and innovative projects. If you are interested in this position and your profile fits, send us your application to join our team! 

Please include a portfolio with your application demonstrating your skills and style/sensitivity.

QUANTIC DREAM is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Our team is a reflection of this commitment.