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We are Quadcode, a fintech company excelling in financial brokerage activities and delivering advanced financial products to our global clientele. Our flagship product, an internal trading platform, is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to other brokers.

We are in search of a talented Senior Android Developer to join our Android Team. The team focuses on the development and support of Android applications for the trading platform that serves as the foundation for both internal and external brand applications. We develop and maintain the core platform, which supports the modular integration of both internal and external branded features. Our team collaborates to create user-friendly, efficient, and secure apps, ensuring a seamless trading experience for our diverse range of clients. We prioritize innovation, technical expertise, and strong communication as we continuously strive to improve and expand our Android application offerings within the financial trading ecosystem.

Our product on Google Play Store -

Tech stack: Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Android SDK, Jetpack compose, Architecture Components.

Our team includes 1 Android Developer, 2 AQA Engineers, QA Engineer, and a Team Leader.

You will work closely with Android Developers from other teams, product owners, UX/UI designers, and backend teams to ensure effective implementation of application functionalities. 

Also, you will engage in daily meetings (11-15 UTC+3), sprint planning (every 2 weeks), retrospective meetings, and quarterly planning.  Communication will be facilitated via Target Process for task tracking and Slack for real-time messaging. Code repository - GitLab for collaborative development. Code reviews will be conducted using GitLab with merge requests. Architecture sync meetings are held once every two weeks to discuss and align on architectural approaches, review the current state of the project's architecture, and plan necessary adjustments.

Main responsibility: Developing new features for the Android app as requested by business stakeholders. Adopting and advocating for the most effective architectural practices to ensure the app's scalability, testability, and maintainability. Participating in writing unit and UI tests as required to ensure the stability and usability of the app.

First 3 tasks in the role

    • Familiarization with the Project Environment. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the existing Android application architecture, codebase, and development workflows. Review documentation, explore the codebase, set up the development environment, and attend orientation sessions with team members;
    • Integration into the Current Development Cycle. Begin active participation in the current development cycle. Take ownership of a small-to-medium complexity feature or bug fix as assigned by the team lead. Participate in iteration planning, daily team sync, and other meetings;
    • Contribute to Testing and Quality Assurance. Engage in the project's testing and quality assurance processes. Write unit and UI tests for the feature developed in Step 2. Review existing tests for potential improvements or necessary updates due to recent code changes.

Other tasks

    • Feature development: Implement new features for Android applications according to project requirements and design specifications. Writing clean and efficient code in Kotlin and Java, designing user-friendly interfaces, integrating apps with backend APIs;
    • Code maintenance and optimization: Maintain, refactor, and optimize the existing codebase to enhance application stability, scalability, and maintainability. Bug-fixing, optimizing app performance, testing and debugging applications;
    • Problem-solving and Innovation: Identify technical challenges and propose solutions to address them, leveraging industry best practices and emerging technologies. Contribute to the evolution of development processes, tools, and methodologies to improve team efficiency and productivity.


    • At least 4+ years of Android development experience;
    • Strong understanding of Android SDK, development tools, and frameworks;
    • Experience in developing and deploying Android applications on the Google Play Store;
    • Familiarity with RESTful APIs and integration of backend services;
    • Solid understanding of mobile UI/UX principles and experience in implementing responsive user interfaces;
    • Knowledge of version control systems such as Git;
    • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills;
    • Good communication and teamwork abilities;
    • Competent written and verbal communication skills (fluent Russian, English B2, ability to read technical documentation, communicate with foreign teammates).

We offer

    • Full-time remote work as a Service Provider in the following countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Russia, Cyprus or Estonia (a valid residence permit is required);
    • Competitive remuneration;
    • Professional courses;
    • Friendly, enjoyable and positive environment.
Currently, over 700 employees and service providers are stationed across our seven global offices located in the UK, Gibraltar, the UAE, the Bahamas, Australia, and the headquarters in Cyprus. By broadening its international presence, Quadcode not only offers a remote or hybrid work model but also presents a myriad of intriguing tasks and challenges for professionals like developers, market research analysts, and PR marketing specialists, among others.

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