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About PayU 
PayU, a leading payment and Fintech company in 50+ high-growth markets throughout Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, part of Prosus group, one of the largest technology investors in the world is redefining the way people buy and sell online for our 300.000+ merchants and millions of consumers. 

As a leading online payment service provider, we deploy more than 400 payment methods and PCI-certified platforms to process approximately 6 million payments every single day. 

iyzico was founded in 2013 to provide online payment services and artificial intelligence-based payment technologies to businesses of various sizes in the world of e-commerce. By making the complex payment processes simple through its easy and secure platform, iyzico had achieved significant successes through supporting thousands of businesses in digitalisation and was acquired by the global payment systems giant PayU in 2019. With such robust structure, iyzico is operating on the principle of democratising financial services and making them accessible for everyone alongside the services it provides to businesses.
Through iyzico Buyer Protection, consumers’ concerns regarding shopping online are resolved and better experiences are enabled. Control is handed back to the consumers by 24/7 live support through the iyzico mobile app and convenience in cancellation/returns processes. To this date, more than 2 million consumers shopped online under the security provided by iyzico Buyer Protection and this number is increasing daily. Via pay with iyzico, which is a blended payment solution, millions of consumers who do not use banking can safely shop online under the belt of iyzico Buyer Protection.
iyzico continues to simplify online shopping for both consumers and sellers by the simple, accessible, and innovative technologies it developed.

The engineering behind iyzico, the sweet home for iyzicoders, habitat for passionate engineers.

Key Responsibilities

·       Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related disciplines,
·       3+ years of experience in software testing,
·       Good knowledge of software QA methodologies,
·       Good technical communication with team members and developers,
·       Preparing and controlling the mandatory deliverables of Software Development Lifecycle,
·       Knowledge on automated testing frameworks and languages (Selenium WebDriver, Appium, jUnit, TestNG, Maven, Cucumber, Espresso, JS test frameworks, CodeceptJS, Puppeteer and XCTestetc.),
·       Experience with SOAP and RESTful service testing with SoapUI/Postman etc.,
·       Basic skills on programming languages (Java, Kotlin, Groovy, SQL, etc.),
·       Basic skills on RDBMS technologies (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.),
·       Have information about job tracking, error reporting, and project management tools (Jira, TestRail, etc.),
·       Strong experience writing & maintaining automated test scripts for API and Web applications,
·       Experienced in version control systems (Git, SVN etc.),
·       Preferably have information about performance tests (JMeter, Gatling etc.),
·       Familiarity with DevOps and CI/CD tools (GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins) is a plus,
·       Familiarity with Linux and shell scripting is a plus,
·       Familiarity with containerization technologies (e.g. Docker) is a plus,
·       Familiarity with NoSQL technologies (Redis, MongoDB, etc.) is a plus,
·       Strong analytical, problem solving, critical thinking, and debugging skills,
·       Open to feedback, good team player, result-oriented attitude, and analytical mind,
·       Good command of English language,
Qualifications & Experience
·       Creating, implementing, and automating testing in support of software test requirements,
·       Create detailed, and well-structured test plans and test cases,
·       Estimate, prioritize and plan testing activities to meet project deadlines,
·       Facilitate end-to-end mobile testing and web application testing, working directly with developers,
·       Create test strategy and test plan for Web/Mobile applications and Embedded systems,
·       Make tests processes autonomous structure and report regular periods,
·       Utilize complex diagnostic and measurement tools,
·       Research and apply new testing methods and tools to maximize testing efficiency,
·       Integrate the test automation solution with the development cycle by creating a CI/CD pipeline, reporting, and bug tracking process,

What We Offer  

A culture of continuous development: conferences, in-house events & Tech Talks to stay up-to-date on current research and technology. P.S.:You do not need to wait to get on the stage and share your expertise with you teammates and the community,
Online Training Platform (Free access to Udemy, Harvard ManageMentor, Getabstract, etc.),
Freedom under responsibility is our common mindset. That’s how we designed our flexible working model called iyzico Homequarters,
Freedom to work from homes or from the offices located both side of İstanbul. Our headquater is in Maslak and satellite office is in Ataşehir. Both offices are in the area allocated to us in Kolektif House,
iyzicoMate is assigned to help you with anything you may need,
A detailed orientation program designed for you to fully grasp the iyzico culture,
Meal & Internet Allowance,
Homequarters Allowance to create an ergonomic workspace at home and we are providing extra monitor and office chair,
Employee support program: free psychological counseling, legal advice, financial advice etc.
Private health insurance,
1 day birthday leave,

Başvurunuzu göndererek, belgede ve eklerinde yer alan tüm bilgilerin, ayrıca hakkınızda diğer kaynaklardan elde edilecek bilgilerin (örneğin referans olarak gösterdiğiniz kişilerin vereceği bilgiler) iyzi Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş. (kısaca “iyzico”) tarafından elde edilmesine, detaylı incelemeler yapılmasına, başvuruların sonuçlandırılması ve başvuru süreçlerinin iyileştirilmesi amaçlarıyla kullanılmasına, bu amaçlarla uyumlu makul bir süre boyunca saklanmasına ve iyzico çalışanları, danışmanları ve dış hizmet sağlayıcılarına aktarılmasına, ayrıca iş arayışınızla ilgilenebilecek diğer işverenlerin de aralarında bulunduğu 3. kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmasına rıza göstermektesiniz.
Yasal düzenlemelerde kişisel verileri işlenen ilgili kişilere sağlanan haklardan kişisel veri işleme süreçleri, veri işlemenin amaçları, verilerin aktarıldığı kişiler hakkında bilgi talep etme; verilerin düzeltilmesini, silinmesini ve yok edilmesini talep etme; kullanılan hakların üçüncü kişilere de bildirilmesini isteme; otomatik sistemlerle yapılan işlemeler sonucu ortaya çıkan olumsuz sonuçlara itiraz etme ve işleme sebebiyle uğranan zararların tazminini talep etme hakları sikayet@iyzico.com adresine e-posta gönderilerek, veya +90 216 599 01 00 numaralı telefonla iyzico’ya ulaşılarak kullanılabilir.

About us:  
At PayU, we are a global fintech investor and our vision is to build a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. We give people in high-growth markets the financial services and products they need to thrive. Our expertise in 18 high-growth markets enables us to extend the reach of financial services. This drives everything we do, from investing in technology entrepreneurs, to offering credit to underserved individuals, to helping merchants buy, sell and operate online. Being part of Prosus, one of the largest technology investors in the world, gives us the presence and expertise to make a real impact. Find out more www.payu.com 

Our Commitment To Building A Diverse And Inclusive Workforce 
As a global and multi-cultural organization with varied ethnicities thriving across locations, we realize that our responsibility towards fulfilling the D&I commitment is huge. Therefore, we continuously strive to create a diverse, inclusive and safe environment, for all of our people, communities and customers. Our leaders are committed to create an inclusive work culture which enables transparency, flexibility and unbiased attention to each and every PayUneer so they can succeed, irrespective of gender, color or personal faith. An environment where every person feels they belong, that they are listened to, and where they are empowered to speak up. At PayU we have zero tolerance towards any form of prejudice whether a specific race, ethnicity, or of persons with disabilities or the LGBTQ communities.