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At Matter Labs, we believe freedom drives progress and prosperity. We don’t see ourselves as a company, but as a team aligned around a single mission: to advance personal freedom for all (see ZK Credo).

To achieve this goal, we’re building zkSync — a credibly neutral, fully open source technology stack and network on top of Ethereum, which is owned and governed by its community. We use advanced cryptography called zero-knowledge proofs to scale Ethereum infinitely without compromising on security or decentralization. With a world-class team, a community of over 1M supporters across Twitter + Discord, and hundreds of millions $ in funding, we have abundant resources to accomplish the mission.

We are looking for a Latam Growth Lead to join our incredible team at Matter Labs. This role is integral to our growth strategy and expansion across the Latin American continent, focusing on scaling our marketing, educational, and community programs in the region. As we continue to secure major deals with large brands, governments and major clients, your expertise will be crucial in developing and executing marketing campaigns and growth initiatives.

This role is fully remote and open to candidates based in the UTC -3/5 timezone, with a preference for candidates located in Argentina, Mexico or Columbia as their home base.

What You'll be Doing

    • Growth:
    • Create strategic alliances: Facilitate meetings and collaboration opportunities between companies, governments, investors and entrepreneurs interested in the potential of zk stack with focus on real world use cases in the LATAM region (scale locally across the continent)
    • Lead creative activations: As an expert in local motivations, you should tap into the passions of the local economy. Creating alliances and experiential activations between the zkSync ecosystem of LATAM-based projects, and partnering with traditional organizations (e.g. sports teams, banks, movie theaters etc.,) to support major onboarding to projects as well as brand building for zkSync
    • Lead local communications and advertising: You will act as the local point of contact for our PR agency as well as field initial press inquiries and support community projects. You will also support the ideation and execution of local advertising campaigns to support our suite of local partners
    • Scale out the organization: You will be tasked with finding ways to locally build out the presence of zkSync within LATAM. Whether it’s distinct regional leads, building out a plan for street teams, or working with contractors – it will be paramount to strategically scale headcount to meet the demands of the region
    • Support local institutions and partners: with projects like QuarkID taking off in Buenos Aires and expanding across latam, this role will focus on scaling out day to day marketing and growth initiatives local to the region. With a primary focus on Argentina, as well as expanding across the region, the aim will be to creatively help scale top projects from the zkSync ecosystem to achieve hyperscale
    • Present the latest trends: offering conferences, panels and workshops given by leading experts in the field of Ethereum addressing current and future topics of the ecosystem
    • Lead events taking place throughout LATAM: the Latin American community tends to be very vocal in calling for official events (those organized by the EF, and others). but also, they tend to bring their communities together to talk and discuss many protocols and projects, e.g. governance, scalability, security and more

    • Community:
    • Connect the community: Provide IRL meetings and collaboration space for developers, institutions and companies working with the local Ethereum ecosystem, enabling interaction and networking amongst the zkSync community
    • Scale on-the-ground presence: Familiarity hosting events, meetups, and developer-focused activations throughout latam is a core focus for this role. Enabling opportunities for members of the zkSync and Ethereum community to mindshare, collaborate on building, and strengthen the ecosystem through in person activations
    • Promote adoption: Showcase use cases and practical examples of how Ethereum is transforming various industries to encourage widespread adoption. In our case, the ZK stack and the ecosystem of apps built on zkSync
    • Driving development: Facilitating hackathons and competitions to encourage developers to create innovative Ethereum-based solutions, mainly in those that take place in the region (from Mexico to Argentina), embracing the entire Spanish-speaking community with the idea of transmitting the news about the development of the ZK stack

    • Education: 
    • Promote education: Organize training sessions and workshops to spread knowledge about zkSync Era and zk stack, targeting both beginners and experts
    • Create alliances with Universities: Facilitate meetings and collaboration opportunities between our team and local universities, develop initiatives that promote technological inclusion and generate opportunities for students from all LATAM

What We Look For in You

    • 3+ year experience in B2B (blockchain) marketing with a specific focus on enterprise-level clients, particularly in developing and executing targeted campaigns
    • Familiarity working with governments
    • Strong knowledge of the Latin American region, the sensibilities and motivations of the greater population
    • Experience in communications and PR.A deep understanding of the potential of Web3 to revolutionize current systems
    • Experience in working closely with BD teams to align marketing efforts with business development goals
    • Creativity in developing unique marketing approaches tailored to various use cases and differing regions across Latin America
    • Excellent interpersonal skills in order to facilitate 1:1 business conversations, support partners, and build community through your engaging communication style
Working at Matter Labs

At Matter Labs, you have the freedom to work how you want, when you want, and from where you want. All positions are 100% remote (with optional travel to team and/or industry events). We operate in lean and nimble teams, with no time tracking and minimum bureaucracy. We move fast. Only results matter. We will provide you with everything you need to learn, grow, and be productive.

Our results-only environment means anyone who believes in our mission can join us, regardless of background, sexual orientation, race, gender, and age. Both our team and community are made up of people from diverse backgrounds. That's why, out of politeness and respect, we refrain from opinions on politics, religion, or sex at the workplace.

We designed our culture around the tenants of freedom and ownership. This ethos will underpin our positive-sum community as we evolve toward full decentralization.

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Important: We are remote-first, operating in the timezones between UTC-5 (Latam and Atlantic Coast) to UTC+7 (South-East Asia).

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