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Kaiko offers its clients trusted digital asset market information, empowering businesses with actionable, reliable data. Our data products can be used to inform trading strategies, meet compliance requirements, or assist regulators in market surveillance. Founded in 2014, Kaiko is a global fintech company with offices in NYC, London, Paris, and Singapore.

What We Do 

Kaiko provides financial data products and solutions, across four main pillars:
Market Data: We gather, organize, and distribute market data from over 100 cryptocurrency trading platforms to give our clients a comprehensive view of the  centralized digital assets market.
DeFi and Blockchain: We operate blockchain infrastructure to collect, process, and distribute detailed market data directly from DeFi protocols giving our clients  a comprehensive view of the DeFi market.
Analytics: Our analytics products build on our Market Data and DeFi and Blockchain data products to offer additional analysis for risk assessment, accurate pricing, or market condition evaluations.
Rates and Indices: Trusted benchmark rates and indices for financial professionals and product issuers, compliant under EU BMR regulation.

We take pride in the flexibility of our delivery methods, enabling us to offer Kaiko's products globally on all networks and infrastructures. Whether our clients require public APIs, private or on-premises networks, private or hybrid cloud setups, or blockchain-native solutions with Kaiko oracles, we have them covered. Our goal is to provide clients with seamless access to the insights they need to succeed in the digital asset market.
Kaiko’s Research publications are read by thousands of industry professionals and cited in the world’s leading media organizations. We provide original insights and in-depth analysis on crypto markets using Kaiko’s data and products.

Who We Are 
We’re a team of 80 (and growing) passionate individuals with a deep interest in building data solutions and supporting the growth of the digital finance economy.  We’re proud of Kaiko’s talented team and are committed to our international representation and diversity. Our people and their values are the foundation of our continued success.

About The Role

You will be joining a fast-paced engineering team made up of people with significant experience working with terabytes of data. We believe that everybody has something to bring to the table, and therefore put collaborative effort and team-work above all else (and not just from an engineering perspective).
You will be able to work autonomously as an equally trusted member of the team, and participate in efforts such as:
Addressing high availability problems: cross-region data replication, disaster recovery, etc.
Addressing “big data” problems: 200+ millions of messages/day, 160B data points since 2010 
Improving our development workflow, continuous integration, continuous delivery and in a broader sense our team practices
Expanding our platform’s observability through monitoring, logging, alerting and tracing

What you’ll be doing:

    • Design, develop and deploy scalable and observable backend microservices
    • Reflect on our storage, querying and aggregation capabilities, as well as the technologies required to meet our objectives
    • Work hand-in-hand with the business team on developing new features, addressing issues and extending the platform

Our tech stack:

    • Platforms (packaged in containers): Golang but we also recently started Rust for some specific use cases
    • Protocols: gRPC, HTTP (phasing out in favor of gRPC), WebSocket (phasing out in favor of gRPC)
    • Database systems: ClickHouse (main datastore), PostgreSQL (ACID workloads), ScyllaDB
    • Messaging: Kafka
    • Caching: Redis
    • Configuration management and provisioning: Terraform, Ansible
    • Service deployment: Terraform, Nomad (plugged in Consul and Vault), Kubernetes
    • Secrets management and PKI: Vault
    • Service discovery: Consul
    • Proxying: HAProxy, Traefik
    • Monitoring: VictoriaMetrics, Grafana
    • Alerting: AlertManager, Pager
    • DutyLogging: Vector, Loki

About You:

    • Significant experience as a Software/DevOps Engineer
    • Knowledgeable about data ingestion pipelines and massive data querying
    • Worked with, in no particular order: microservices architecture, infrastructure as a code, self-managed services (eg. deploy and maintain our own databases), distributed services, server-side development, etc
    • You’ll notice that we don’t have any “hard” requirements in terms of development platforms or technologies: this is because we are primarily interested in people capable of adapting to an ever changing landscape of technical requirements, who learn fast and are not afraid to constantly push our technical boundaries.It is not uncommon for us to benchmark new technologies for a specific feature, or to change our infrastructure in a big way to better suit our needs.The most important skills for us revolve around two things:What we like to call “core” knowledge: what’s a software process, how does it interact with a machine’s or the network’s resources, what kind of constraints can we expect for certain workloads, etcHow fast you can adapt to a technology you didn’t know existed 10 minutes ago
      In short, we are looking for someone able to spot early on that spending 10 days to migrate data to a more efficient schema is the better solution compared to scaling out a database cluster in a matter of minutes if we are looking to improve performance in the long term.

Nice to have

    • Experience with data scraping over HTTP, WebSocket, and/or FIX Protocol
    • Experience developing financial product methodologies for indices, reference rates, and exchange rates
    • Knowledgeable about the technicalities of financial market data, such as the difference between: calls, puts, straddles, different types of bonds, swaps, CFD, CDS, options, futures, etc
Location: Paris (hybrid)
Type of contract: CDI

What we offer 
25 paid holidays & RTTs
The hardware of your choice
Great health insurance (Alan)
Meal vouchers (Swile)
Contribution to your monthly gym subscription
Contribution to daily commuting
Multiple team events (annual retreat, casual drinks, etc.)
An entrepreneurial environment with a lot of autonomy and responsibilities

Talent Acquisition Process

●   Call with the People team (20 mins)
● Interview with the CTO (30 mins- 1h)          
●   Tech discussion with the members of the team (1h30)  
●   Cross team interviews with 2-3 team members (45mins - 1h)
●   Offer, reference check

Diversity & Inclusion
At Kaiko, we believe in the diversity of thought because we appreciate that this makes us stronger.  Therefore, we encourage applications from everyone who can offer their unique experience to our collective achievements.