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What we're looking for

We're seeking an experienced and reliable research engineer with a PhD and post-doctoral experience preferably in industry to join our team. Our ideal candidate must be versatile, highly organized, and capable of taking initiative to propose innovative solutions to technical problems that may arise in the ongoing biotech projects in the company.

The successful candidate must be precise, rigorous, and detail-oriented, with excellent communication skills. As a key member of our dynamic team working towards plant improvement in highly challenging timelines, they will be responsible for the proper functioning of the workplace and will actively contribute to the success of various projects. The person is expected to be a good team player and ability to adapt to the requirements of the team in delivering results in a competitive manner. We're looking for someone who shares our passion for sustainable technology and our commitment to creating a cleaner, greener future. 

Your typical week (at our site in Paris-Saclay, 91400)

    • Nucleic acid isolations including DNA and RNA
    • Carry out molecular biology experiments for the biotechnology projects including PCR, cloning, bacterial transformation and screening.
    • Plant micropropagation, subcultures and maintenance of in vitro plant cultures
    • Plant transformation using agrobacterium or biolistic methods, screening and maintenance of cultures
    • Characterisation of plant mutants using various approaches for genotyping and phenotyping

Key Responsibilities

    • Optimize processes to improve the company's competitiveness
    • Manage the core of preparations, assist in all projects, and be a key person in the biotech team
    • Strictly adhere to objectives and timelines of the various projects and ensure timely delivery of results
    • Prepare the necessary molecular resources for experiments (DNA, cDNA, RNA, Plasmid stocks, etc.)
    • Manage established protocols with rigor and precision to ensure data integrity
    • Work on different types of protocols, quickly adapting to new requirements if necessary
    • Demonstrate flexibility to meet the laboratory's needs in terms of protocols and tasks to be performed
    • Manage stocks and supplies, inventory resources and templates
    • Be able to track the progress of various projects
    • Troubleshoot problems and solving issues in a continuous improvement approach
    • Support R&D in the development of new processes
    • Ensure clear and effective communication with other team members to ensure overall laboratory operations' cohesion and efficiency

Technical skills

    • Transformation (agroinfiltration)
    • ​​Competence in molecular biology
    • Knowledge of viruses is a plus
    • Techniques in PCR and QPCR and optimization primers, Rétrotranscription
    • Knowledge of protoplast manipulation
    • Knowledge of bioinformatics, transcriptional analysis, proteomics and  imagery is a plus

General skills

    • Teamwork and communication skills
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities
    • Problem-solving ability and critical thinking
    • Ability to perform large scale experiments
    • Dynamic to help colleagues when needed
    • Knowledge in general metal homeostasis is a plus
    • Good level of organization and bench cleanliness
    • Autonomous preparation of solutions and culture media
    • Management of common stock solutions and consumables inventory
We are looking for someone who is available as soon as possible