Graduate Technical Animator

Animation – Technical Animation /
We have an exciting opportunity for a graduate technical animator to work within our highly experienced animation team. In this role, under the supervision of your lead, you will join our animation team, assisting the animation department with technical problem solving, as well as collaborating on tools and pipeline development. 

Our catalogue of games has a wide range of requirements to fit different animation targets and art styles, and our animation pipelines and tools need to reflect that. With such a diverse set of needs, we require lateral thinking and flexibility to be able to get the best out of our animation team. 

Great tools allow for great animation, and will play a huge part in the future success of the animation team. With games such as Planet Zoo leading the way, your passion will allow us to reach the levels of quality we strive for in our games. 


    • Taking direction from your lead to create scripts, tools and assist in pipeline development, to enable our animation team to make incredible animations
    • Assist the animation team in integrating game assets, troubleshooting & batch processing
    • Author python scripts and validation tests
    • Technical problem solving during production
    • Assist during all production stages to ensure that pipelines run smoothly
    • Carrying out supporting rigging and technical tasks to ensure your work supports both our animators and our game assets
    • Handle day-to-day issues that animation department may run into

About You

    • An understanding of python scripting, Maya tools creation, and software principles that are required to develop animations and animation rigs
    • Ability to discuss ideas and processes that will impact the end-users of our work
    • An eye for rigging and animation
    • Great analytical and problem solving skills
    • A willingness to confidently take on and provide feedback for your own development and the development of others
    • Experience using Maya

Qualification and Experience

    • A showreel that demonstrates technical animation capabilities such as tools development or clear, technical problem solving
    • Experience within Unreal, Unity or other games engines, with regards to technical animation or rigging
    • Knowledge of QT & PySide
    • Knowledge of other 3D animation packages (3ds max, Blender, XSI etc.)
    • Knowledge of game development pipelines
    • Experience working in games development