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Our passion is to create the most effective data architectures for the top global companies. We cover the complete data and cloud transformation journey from architecture through engineering to enablement. Our focus is to implement lasting solutions in data and cloud with cutting-edge technologies.

We are Delivery Partners for Databricks, the creators of Apache Spark. We are Microsoft Gold Partners, delivering cloud migration and data architecture on Azure. Our partnerships enable us to work with the most prominent global companies, such as Norsk-Hydro, Johnson&Johnson, Richter, Bayer, Shell, Essity, Vonage, and many more.

We are a preferred data training company, providing onsite and online courses globally. We have been teaching professionals at such prestigious companies as Apple, Amazon, NASA, Uber, Microsoft, T-Mobile, GE, Ericsson, and many more to improve their impact with data.

We are working in a wide range of different industries spanning from energy and manufacturing through logistics and finance to retail, pharmaceutical, and technology. One thing is common, though:
'We make data our client’s best asset.'

As a Solution Architect you will work with EMEA/US companies and help them solve their data engineering, ML engineering/MLOps, and cloud migration problems. Most of the projects are delivered using Apache Spark/Databricks on AWS/Azure.
You will work individually on projects and also as a lead of small delivery teams where you will be among the more experienced, if not the most experienced. At this level of experience we require you to help our team grow by mentoring your colleagues, by overseeing the quality of their work and by evaluating technology skills during tech interviews.
Although we work for the biggest multinational companies where years-long mammoth projects are usual, our projects are fast-paced, typically 3-4 months long. You will directly communicate with clients along with a Project Manager.
We consider ourselves a learning organization thus learning, self-development and knowledge sharing are an essential part of our everydays.
You will directly report to and get support from the Consulting Business Unit Lead.

Skills You Have

    • Consultant mindset For being successful in this client-facing role, you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a conforming communication style as well as an attitude for taking responsibility for what you do. As a consulting company, we work with companies that need professional help. When we work with someone, we are all-in on their problems and we go the extra mile to make sure our involvement will make them successful. This comes with a lot of responsibilities and even more freedom to make an impact. We have extremely high client satisfaction rates and we will be keeping it that way. That's Datapao’s priority #1.
    • Strong Engineering Skills The Datapao brand represents flawless Data Engineering and Data Architecture skills matched with a client focus. A strong computer science foundation is essential to deliver well on these projects. Most of our projects require Python, SQL, Unix, and an understanding of Distributed Systems. O(n*log(n)) must ring a bell. You are a senior in Python and have significant experience working on Unix/Linux. You are familiar with CI/CD concepts. You are excited to rapidly pick up a new language or technology to deliver a Proof of Concept occasionally.
    • Data Engineering, Big Data and Cloud experience You played a significant role in teams that designed and implemented Data-Intensive Applications. You have a strong SQL and intermediate NoSQL experience. You have seen Real-Time Data Processing Systems in operation. You have worked with AWS or Microsoft Azure. You have a good understanding of Apache Spark and the Big Data Ecosystem.
    • Ability to grow the team You not only want to grow yourself but you have the ambition to grow our team. This includes the ability to realize the right skillset for a project, interviewing and evaluating tech competence and cultural skills of candidates for different technical roles. You are excited about mentoring others and take excellent care of knowledge-sharing technologies and hard skills. Tech Mentoring / People management experience is a plus.
    • Independent Problem Solving, End-to-end ownership As a Solution Architect, you are expected to solve problems on your own and advise others on how to do the same. You have the ambition to step up as a technical leader in your team. You work well both alone and in a small group of associate-level engineers. You are keen to keep things in hand and de-risk upcoming issues as they arise. You are able to communicate requirement changes and risks between the client and the team. You have the ability to manage expectations both towards the team and the client and escalate when necessary
    • Fluent English is a must We work in the international arena and speak English every day.
    • Willingness to travel Before the pandemic, senior colleagues spent 30-50% of their time abroad and if and when that time comes again, we must be prepared. Some of our projects might require your short or medium-term onsite presence, mostly within the EU.

What We Offer

    • Extensive Learning Path Joining Datapao comes with serious educational benefits. You will be admitted to both our own and Databricks' public and internal advanced courses, where you will learn all the tricks of Distributed Data Processing, MLOps, Apache Spark, Databricks, and Cloud Migration from the best experts out there. We provide dedicated time for learning during work hours and we also cover the expenses of the courses and certifications. You will also get access to our library/ebooks. No tricks, no small prints, no binding contracts, or repayment if you quit.
    • Competitive Salary The salary range depends on your level of seniority. At a senior level, it is 1 500 000 to 1 800 000 HUF gross, full-time employment, no tax tricks.
    • Generous, Transparent Bonus System A very significant part of Datapao's yearly profit is paid out in the form of bonuses. Our Partner System allows employees with significant contributions to receive a generous part of the profit. Our carefully crafted calculation ensures that your bonus is calculated based on a fully transparent formula and is independent of subjective evaluations of the company's success.
    • Private Medical Insurance We provide a private medical insurance package (Medicover Blue) for you.
    • Flexible Work Culture Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, at Oktogon. It is up to the teammates how many days they spend in the office a week, but as a mentor it is expected that you spend face-to-face time with your mentees on a weekly basis.
    • The Best Equipment for Work Working comfortably means working well, therefore you will get a MacBook Pro and a Herman Miller office chair plus whatever you need (eg. headphones, monitor). We have standing desks in the office.
    • Working all day is not for humans... We have a well-equipped kitchen, meaning you can have your breakfast, or even fetch your midday pasta in the office, drink quality coffee and tea, or hand-crafted beer - after work hours! 😉 We have games, comfy sofas, and a separate apartment for napping as well!
    • Transparent, No Bullshit Culture We are a rapidly growing company of 20+ members (we doubled our number of employees in 2022 Q1), which comes with lots of moving parts, so it's vital for us to keep maneuvering, experimenting, and learning from our mistakes. This can only be done when all of us work together to keep office politics and bullshit to zero, and to provide as much transparency as possible. Feedbacks and dialogues are an essential part of our daily business. Every two weeks during our All Hands meeting you will get an update on everything related to the company (finances, clients, ongoing projects, HR, recruitment, etc.) and you are free to ask.

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