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Executive Sous Chef Pastry and Bakery

Responsibilities :
Pastry and Bakery Operations Management:
·       Oversee all aspects of the pastry and bakery departments on the cruise ship.
·       Lead and coordinate the preparation, production, and presentation of baked goods and desserts.
Menu Planning and Development:
·       Collaborate with the Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director to create innovative pastry and bakery menus.
·       Ensure that the menus cater to diverse tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements.
Quality Control:
·       Ensure all pastry and bakery items meet the highest standards of taste, quality, and presentation.
·       Implement standardized recipes and plating guidelines.
Team Leadership and Training:
·       Manage and mentor the pastry and bakery team, including sous chefs, chefs de partie, and cooks.
·       Conduct training and workshops to enhance pastry skills and techniques.
Inventory and Cost Management:
·       Monitor and manage inventory levels for pastry and bakery ingredients and supplies.
·       Control costs by minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.
Health and Safety Compliance:
·       Enforce strict adherence to food safety and sanitation standards in the pastry and bakery departments.
·       Conduct regular inspections to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
Collaboration with Other Departments:
·       Work closely with other departments, such as Food and Beverage and Housekeeping, to ensure seamless coordination of operations.
Continuous Improvement:
·       Stay updated with pastry and bakery trends and innovations.
·       Implement improvements and refinements to enhance the guest experience.

·       Previous experience as an Executive Sous Chef Pastry and Bakery in high-end restaurants, hotels, or cruise lines.
·       Fine pastry and bakery experience, with a focus on delivering exquisite desserts and baked goods.
·       Proficiency in English and Arabic (additional languages are a plus).
·       Ability to lift up to 25 kilograms.
·       Willingness to work on board for 4 to 10 months at a time.
·       Strong leadership and team-building skills.
·       Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
·       Passion for pastry arts and creativity in menu development.
·       Knowledge of food safety regulations and best practices.
·       Physical fitness and health suitable for demanding duties in the galleys.

Length of contract :
4 months on / 2 months off