Worldwide /
Cruise Ships – Deck Department /
/ On-site
· Responsible for first aid on board
· In charge of medical treatment
· General health and sanitary appraisal on board
· Monitors pest control procedures, water supply, food and
perishable provision supply
· Controls and monitors sanitary condition of crew quarters, public
areas and passenger areas
· Alcohol tests as requested by the company and the Master
· Has to maintain the applicable certificates for medicines and the
equipment in the hospital
· Carries out water tests etc.
· Part of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection
Management System
· Have to participate in all safety routines, drills and training
· Proper record keeping


    • Knowledge of English
    • Diploma of medical qualifications, approbation
    • Well acquainted with the relevant parts of the Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection 
    • Management System
    • COQ (Doctor) Diploma


    • Passport
    • Seaman's Book National
    • Seaman's Book Flag State(Columbia Shipmanagement will take care)
    • American Club PEME
    • COVID-19Vaccination-Boosterismandatory
    • Medical Fitness according to STCWI/9
    • COQ(Doctor)National Basic Safety
    • Basic Safety Training
    • Training of Seafarers with Designated Security Duties Crisis
    • Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (Pax not Ro-Ro)
    • Crowd Management (Pax not Ro-Ro)
    • GDPR
    • Designated Security Duties (Columbia Shipmanagement will take care)