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Main Purpose of the Role:
The Chief Engineer Officer (CEO) is the Head of Department for the Technical Department, and is responsible for ensuring that this department is properly
operated by having due regard to safety at sea, preventing injury and loss of life,
avoiding damage to property and the environment, and protecting the health of
Responsible to:
As Head of the Technical Department, the CEO reports to the Master for operational duties. The CEO is responsible to the Senior Chief Engineer Officer for administrative and technical duties.
Responsible for:
The actions and routines of Technical Officers and Ratings on duty with the job holder, and for overseeing the actions of any Officers and Ratings directly involved within a sphere of responsibility allotted to them by the Senior Chief Engineer Officer.
Knowledge & Skills - Essential:
The CEO must have or hold:
-      Substantial experience as a senior engineer officer of Class 1 or Class 2 on Passenger Ro/Ro vessels, in UK trading area.
-      Certificate of Competency as STCW III/2 Chief Engineer, Unlimited.
-      Completed training to comply with STCW V/2 (or V/3), Sections 4, 5, 7, 8 and STCW VI/1; VI/2 and VI/3.
-      A current ENG 1 Medical Certificate.
-      Good communication & interpersonal skills. Excellent English language skills
-      The ability to co-ordinate maintenance issues with all departments.
-      A full understanding of shipboard budget management & monitoring.
-      A high standard of report writing.
-      Total commitment to ensure all shipboard systems that pose a potential environmental impact are well managed.
-      A proven track record of sound ship management and clear decision making
-      High Voltage training.
Knowledge & Skills – Desirable:
The CEO should preferably have or hold:
-      Appropriate shore-based Fleet Operations Department experience.
-      Appropriate Management Training, eg. Marine Resource Management or equivalent, IPD Certificate or Diploma.
-      The ability to multi-task.
-      Computer skills (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).