Cruise Ships – Engine Department /
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The Third Engineer Officer forms part of the team that is responsible for providing technical services throughout the ship.

-         Performing Engine Room watch-keeping duties
-         Ensuring that he understands Departmental Standing Orders and that they are complied with by all personnel on his watch.
-         Ensuring that maintenance work activities to which he and his watch are assigned by the 2EO are carried out safely and diligently, using good engineering practice, observing the Code of Safe Working Practices and the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS).
-         Holding sphere(s) of responsibility as designated by the Senior Chief Engineer Officer.
- Assisting the 2EO in the training of personnel within the Technical department according to Company and statutory requirements

Candidate profile:
- Experience as an Engineer Officer of merchant marine with previous experience on RoRO Pax Ferries or Cruise Ships
- Certificate of Competency as STCW III/1 Officer of the Watch, Unlimited.
- Completed training to comply with relevant sections of STCW Reg.V/2.
- Previous experience in multiple engine room configuration, variable pitch propeller, Internal ramps, watertight doors and gates, Hydraulic systems
- Good communication & interpersonal skills. The Jobholder must be able to liaise closely with other departments on board.
- Very good knowledge of English language
- Appropriate administrative skills.
- A working understanding of Risk Assessment procedures and Planned Maintenance requirements.


- Single cabin
- Attractive remuneration package (paid while onboard only)
- All travel costs paid by the company