Product Tanker ETO

Tanker Ships – Engine Officers /
Columbia Shipmanagement is looking for self-motivated and skilled seafarers to join our expanding fleet.  

Job Description:
Responsible for maintaining the electrical and electronic equipment onboard the ship.
Holder of valid COC (STCW Reg III/6) with verification.
STCW and training certificates corresponding to the rank must be valid.
Good communication and solution finding skills.
English proficiency written and spoken.

Vessel's Specific Requirements

    • Minimum experience requirements: 4 months in Rank with the same type/size of vessel.
    • Experience in FRAMO and/or Steam Turbines cargo pump system is recommended.
    • Experience in high Voltage installation is preferred.
    • Experience in trading area USA and Australia is recommended.

Contract Terms & Conditions

    • Contract Duration [4 months +/- 1 months]
    • Contract Benefit: competitive salary
    • Terms and condition as per CBA applicable
    • Free Internet onboard and wellbeing support
You may include with your application any reference, specific job qualification, and your availability date.
Looking forward to welcoming you in the Columbia Family.