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Main Purpose of the Role:
To fulfil the duties of an Officer within the Deck Department in an active and efficient manner, in order to implement the Company’s rules and requirements concerning the safe and efficient operation of the ship, and the protection of the environment.
The jobholder should be flexible in the use of skills and abilities, in order to ensure the smooth running of the department and ship.

The Second Officer (2/O) will:
- Assist the Chief Officer and Master to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ship.
- If appropriately qualified and when required, a Second Officer may be expected to undertake the role of Chief Officer, subject to the approval of the Senior Master. A thorough familiarity with the Chief Officer’s Job Description is required.
A 2/O will be involved in the loading/discharge operations either as the principal Loading Officer or as the latter’s assistant, and as Loading Officer would be directly responsible for the following:
- The safe and efficient loading and discharging of freight (including vehicles carrying hazardous cargoes), car and passengers.
- The provision of safe access/ingress to/ from passenger doors situated on the vehicle decks.
- Ensuring, as necessary, that a Marine Pollutants/ Dangerous Goods plan is landed prior to the ship sailing, with copies posted on Bridge and in Engine Control room on board.
- Ensuring that proper stability, trim and draught of the ship is maintained at all times.
- Ensuring the compliance with the requirements of the Cargo Operations Manual/Securing Manual.
- As Loading Officer, checking that all shell doors and other relevant openings are properly secured closed prior to leaving any berth. - Report this fact to the Master prior to leaving any berth.
- As assistant to the Loading Officer, the Deck Officer would provide support to the former, whilst actively being in charge of the loading/discharge of one (normally the upper) vehicle deck.
The Second Officer will also be responsible for:-
- Carrying out navigational watch duties, as per the provisions of the Company’s “Navigational Best Practices” procedures.
- Providing proper support to the Master whenever the latter has the “Con” of the vessel, as per the provisions of the Company’s “Navigational Best Practices” procedures.
- Supporting the Master in the event of an emergency, by compliance with the provisions of the ship’s Emergency Muster List and the Company’s Emergency & Contingency Procedures.
- Achieving a full awareness of all current Company rules and regulations, plus all Statutory Instruments, Marine Guidance/Information Notice, Navigational warnings etc.
- Assisting in the implementation of the relevant aspects of the Company’s Planned Maintenance Systems.
- Assisting in ensuring that departmental staff treat passengers in the proper, required manner, and that passenger complaints are dealt with politely.
- Complying with ISO 9002 and any other quality management systems as adopted by the Company.
- Attendance at Annual Survey and Drydock, when required to do so by the Senior Chief Officer.
- Participating in the Company’s Performance Review Program
The Second Officer will be given the task of looking after a particular sphere of responsibility onboard the ship. Examples of such spheres of responsibility might include, but need not be restricted, to the following:
- Administration, documentation and records.
- Maintenance, repairs and associated budgetary affairs.
- Stores ordering and associated budgetary affairs.
- Navigational equipment, charts and publications.
- Fire fighting equipment (Portable and/or fixed installations)
- Life saving equipment
- Training administration
- ISO 9002 and any other quality assurance systems as adopted by the Company.
RESPONSIBLE TO: Senior Master.
REPORTS TO: Master/Senior Chief Officer/Chief Officer