AROYA CRUISES – Hospitality /
Contractual /
Sous Chef
Reports to: Executive Sous Chef and Chef de cuisine

Responsibilities :
Culinary Operations Support:
·       Assist the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef in supervising and coordinating the galley team.
·       Ensure smooth and efficient kitchen operations during meal service, maintaining high culinary standards.
Food Preparation and Presentation:
·       Oversee the preparation, cooking, and presentation of dishes, ensuring quality and consistency.
·       Implement standardized recipes and plating guidelines to maintain a consistent guest experience.
Team Management:
·       Mentor and guide the kitchen staff, including chefs de partie and other team members.
·       Foster teamwork and maintain a positive work environment to enhance productivity.
Inventory Management:
·       Assist in managing inventory levels and ordering supplies as needed.
·       Minimize waste and maintain cost efficiency to meet budgetary guidelines.
Health and Safety Compliance:
·       Enforce strict adherence to food safety and sanitation standards, following local and international regulations.
·       Conduct regular inspections to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in the galley.
Collaboration and Communication:
·       Work closely with other departments to ensure seamless coordination of dining experiences.
·       Maintain open communication with the culinary team and other onboard staff.

·       Previous experience as a Sous Chef in restaurants, hotels, or cruise lines.
·       Proficiency in English and Arabic (additional languages are a plus).
·       Ability to lift up to 25 kilograms.

Length of contract :
4 months on /2 months off