AROYA CRUISES – Deck Department /
Contractual /
Environmental Officer
Reports to :  Master and Staff Captain
Job Description :

·        Educating, ensuring and raising awareness of the shipboard team on the importance of compliance with environmental regulations, highlighting the benefits, and ensuring continuous improvement; 
·        Assisting the shipboard team to plan, implement and monitor environmentally compliant, efficient, and cost-effective waste stream management; 
·        Communicating the Company's Environmental and Energy Efficiency Objectives and Targets to all Officers and Crew, ensuring awareness, encouraging their participation and contribution; 
·        Ensuring that all Officers and Crew are familiar with the Company Environmental and Energy Efficiency Objectives and Targets, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, SEEMP and MRV according to their ranks; 
·        Gathering and compiling sustainable data as per the Company Policies and Management System requirements, i.e. SEEMP, VPR, MRV, as applicable;
·        Attending Senior Management Meetings, HSE Committee Meetings and other Meetings in accordance with the Company Policies and Management System requirements 

Requirements :
·        USPH and SHIPSAN Certification
·        Medical Fitness (As per Flag Requirements. Max. validity – 2 years);          
·        Basic Safety (BS) STCW A-VI/1.2;
·        Crowd Management (CM) STCW A-V/2.3;
·        Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (CMHB) STCW A-V/2.4;
·        Direct services to Passengers (DSP) STCW A-V/2.2;
·        Security Awareness (SA) STCW A-VI/6.1;
·        Advanced Fire fighting (AFF) STCW A-VI/3;
·        English – Proficiency;
Length of Contract :
3 Months on / 3 Months off         
Embarkation : October 2024