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Reports to: Executive Housekeeper

Job description:
The Housekeeping Supervisor onboard the cruise ship Manara is a leadership role integral to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and guest satisfaction. Reporting directly to the Executive Housekeeper, the Housekeeping Supervisor oversees and guides the housekeeping team, ensuring efficient cabin cleaning, public area maintenance, and adherence to housekeeping protocols. This position plays a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and pristine environment for guests, contributing significantly to their overall comfort and satisfaction during their onboard experience. 
·        Ensures maximum efficiency  in  the performance of  Housekeeping  Attendant  in public areas. 
·        Keeps all pantries and supply closets neat, cleaned and stocked. 
·        Maintain the cleanliness of service areas and all surrounding areas. 
·        Offer all possible assistance to guests and take corrective actions on complaints regarding services. 
·        Evaluate  performance  of  Housekeeping  Attendant  periodically;  recommend appropriate action such as promotion, disciplining or commendation. 
·        Initiate and maintains effective communication within the Housekeeping Section. 
·        Establish and maintain effective employee relations at all times. 
·        Knowledgeable  and  skilful  regarding  the  Housekeeping  section  operating procedures. 
·        Ensure that their respective crew follow the standard operating procedures.  
·        Understand all policies and procedures established by the Company.  
·        To perform other responsibilities as assigned by the superior, but not limited to the above.  
(Floor Supervisor) 
·        Keep all pantry and supply closets neat, cleaned and stocked. 
·        Conducts briefing before and after shift. 
·        Assign Housekeeping Attendant to their duties. Brief and instruct them about special projects, items for attention and of importance. 
·        Inspect guest cabins daily in a random basis , including check-out, vacant and make-up cabins. 
·        Maintain  a  logbook  to  record  cabins  status,  maintenance  deficiencies  and significant  events  and  activities  during  shift.  Complete  daily  Supervisor’s worksheet. 
·        Check is there is an adequate storage of supplies. Conducts proper inventory to safeguard against wastage, loss or shortage. 
·        Complete requisition form for needed supplies. 
·        Conduct periodic linens and towels inventory. 
·        Report maintenance deficiencies that require immediate attention and follow up on their status. 
·        Reports to the Assistant Executive Housekeeper / Executive Housekeeper any loss or damage of furniture’s, fixtures or equipment. 
·        Supervise proper cleaning of equipment, including trolleys as well as guest room cleaning supplies. 
·        Give special attention to make-up cabins and ensures supplies are replenished and properly serviced. 
·        Account  for  Housekeeping  Attendant  worksheets  and  reviews  same  prior  to submission to Assistant Executive Housekeeper / Executive Housekeeper. 
·        Report and turn over any items left by guests to Front Office. 
·        Prepare  Supervisor’s  report  as  may  be  required  by  the  Assistant  Executive Housekeeper / Executive Housekeeper. 
Profile :
·        ​​Supervisory Experience: Proven experience in supervisory or managerial roles within the maritime or hospitality industry, showcasing the ability to lead, mentor, and drive housekeeping staff to achieve excellence. 
·        Language Proficiency: Proficient in English; knowledge of additional languages is advantageous for effective communication with guests, staff, and other departments. 
·        Team Leadership: Strong leadership capabilities, demonstrating the ability to guide and manage housekeeping teams, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and guest satisfaction. 
·        Organizational Skills: Exceptional organizational abilities to coordinate and manage housekeeping operations efficiently, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests. 
·        Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, facilitating clear communication with housekeeping staff, other onboard departments, and management. 
·        Problem-Solving Abilities: Strong problem-solving skills to address challenges, resolve issues, and ensure the smooth operation of the housekeeping department. 
·        Customer Service Orientation: A customer-focused approach with the ability to contribute to a positive guest experience through efficient housekeeping services. 
·        Adaptability: Capacity to adapt to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of maritime environments, managing fluctuating demands and addressing guest needs promptly. 
·        Professionalism: Exemplary professional conduct, maintaining a high level of integrity, discretion, and respect for guest and staff privacy. 
Contract Length:
4 months on board 2 months vacation