AROYA CRUISES – Engine Department /
Contractual /
Assistant Electrician
Reports to : Chief Electrical Engineer , Electrical Engineer(s), Senior Electrician or Electrician. 

Job Description :

·       Be part of the duty roster in order to maintain efficient response to maintenance requests.
·       Cleaning of electrical workshops, stores and electrical lockers.
·       Inventory check of electrical stores.
·       Assist higher rank and where applicable independently perform duties on the following installations;
·       Lighting throughout the ship.
·       Batteries.
·       Low voltage installations.
·       Hotel equipment.

Requirements :

·       Certificate of Proficiency/Qualification Certificate (II/4)
·       Medical Fitness (As per Flag Requirements. Max. validity – 2 years);        
·       Basic Safety (BS) STCW A-VI/1.2;
·       Crowd Management (CM) STCW A-V/2.3;
·       Direct services to Passengers (DSP) STCW A-V/2.2;
·       Designated Security Duties (DSD)STCW A-VI/6.2
·       Proficiency in safety craft and rescue boats (PSCRB) STCW A-VI/2;
·       English – proficiency

Length of Contract :
9 Months on / 2 Months off      

Embarkation : October 2024