AROYA CRUISES – Engine Department /
Contractual /
IT Officer :
Reports to : IT Manager and Chief Engineer
Job Description :
IT Officer is responsible for: 
·         Day-to-day operations of the shipboard computer systems, providing IT systems support, maintenance and monitoring to maintain an excellent IT performance in accordance with Company Policies;
·         Working alongside the shore side IT department on technology advancements and projects;
·         Ensuring proper coordination with different technical parties and sections/departments;
·         Keeping the shore office/IT promptly and fully informed of all problems and matters of significance, including daily assignments and administration;
·         Regularly carrying out maintenance on all IT equipment, making basic repairs when needed on PC’s, Printers, and other peripherals;
·         Problem determination and troubleshoot PC, Application and Networking issues;
·         Providing System Administration in accordance with management Policies & Procedures;
·         Handling all other related duties as instructed by his/her supervisor and IT Department.
Requirements :
·        Medical Fitness (As per Flag Requirements. Max. validity – 2 years);          
·        Basic Safety (BS) STCW A-VI/1.2;
·        Crowd Management (CM) STCW A-V/2.3;
·        Crisis Management & Human Behaviour (CMHB) STCW A-V/2.4;
·        Direct services to Passengers (DSP) STCW A-V/2.2;
·        Security Awareness (SA) STCW A-VI/6.1;
·        English – Proficiency.
Length of Contract :
9 Months on / 2 Months off         
Embarkation : October 2024