Staff Captain - Cruise Ship

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Overall Responsibilities and Duties

The Staff Captain has overall responsibility to report to the Master all matters regarding the vessel, the crew and the passengers. He is the only person onboard, able to relief the Master from his duties, hence, when the vessel is in port and the Master is ashore he can not be absent.
He is the Department Head for the Deck and its crew. He reports directly to the Master and follows his commands and directions.
He is responsible for the maintenance, safety and good appearance of the vessel and her equipment.
Ensures that the vessel complies with all safety regulations and provisions according to SOLAS requirements. He is responsible for the maintenance of the lifeboats, life rafts, safety equipment and all life saving gear. In co-ordination with the Hotel Manager follows the Company’s policies regarding Hygiene and ensures that all “sensitive” areas are cleaned and sanitised regularly and that all rules and regulations regarding this issue are maintained accordingly. On a regular basis he inspects all hygiene “sensitive” areas such as, the galley, provision stores, restaurants, water tanks, laundry, crew cabins, toilets, showers, etc, to ensure that the above provisions are followed.
Performs all duties and responsibilities assigned to him by the Master or as they are described by the international maritime regulations, with regard to the navigation, his position on the bridge, at stand-by situations, at berth or at sea. 

Knowledge & Skills
- Candidates must have substantial experience in same position on board cruise ships
- A Certificate of Competency as STCW II/2 Master, Unlimited. 
-         A current ENG 1 Medical Certificate. 
-         Appropriate administrative skills. 
-         The ability to demonstrate full understanding of the Company’s SMS structure and its relationship to the ISM Code. 
-         Familiarity with the Staff Captain's responsibilities and duties, and with best operational practice
-         A good knowledge of on-board training requirements, and the ability to identify training need. Knowledge of the Company’s Visions and Values, and its Leadership Policy, and a willingness to promote same. 
-         Good knowledge of English language