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   Job description | Nurse
Within his/her field of activity as a Nurse, he/she is responsible for assisting the present ship's Doctors in medical matters. Furthermore, the Nurse has to fulfill all activities, duties and tasks within his/her department.
·   Ensuring a smooth process in the board hospital; administrative and medical support during consultation hours
·       Admitting passengers and crew members
·       Handing over General Terms of Conditions (GTC) and declaration of consent to passengers or crew for signature before consultation and treatment
·       Scanning diagnostic findings, GTCs and declaration of consent
·       Assisting during medical examinations and treatments (e.g. lab test, plastering, changing bandages, X-ray, ECG etc.)
·       Handling telephone and email communication
·       Support in the treatment of emergencies and patients with acute illnesses
·       Management of the pharmacy (check first in - first out principle)
·       Control of pharmaceutical stocks and consumables
·       Ordering medication, supplies and stationery in consultation with Doctor and under economical aspects
·       Monitoring and disposing expired drugs on a monthly basis (s. Checkliste Verfallsdaten) in the hospital and 2nd hospital; except narcotics.
·       Handling daily posting procedure (bills) and collecting signature from the Doctor  
·       Portfolio maintenance of oxygen cylinders
·       Keeping, printing and sending out checklists (e.g. O2-inventory list)
·       Keeping, signing and printing out checklists (daily/weekly/monthly checklists)
·       Transmitting the Notification of Accident
·       Entering accidents in RiscConnect System in cooperation with the Doctor
·       Sterilisation of instruments
·       Cleaning and disinfecting of immediate working environment
·       Control of medical devices
·       Assisting in all life-threatening emergencies - "Mike Mike" on board
·       Participation in all ship-related and medical team safety drills and training, as well as assisting the doctor with first aid courses and medical team drills
·       Participating in on-all duties (24 hours)
·       Ordering water and stationery
·       Complying with the Medical Manual / SQM (e.g. process of disembarkation, death onboard, water testing etc.)
·       Conducting hygiene controls regarding water and fresh water (Colilert-18 Test) and Legionella prevention
·       Participation as a protocolist in ship’s hygiene inspections
·       Monitoring and enforcement of the ship’s integrated pest management
·       Assists the Doctor in the preparation of the audit
·       Portfolio maintenance of the medical equipment list
·       Participating in and contributing to annual equipment maintenance and documentation of medical product books
·       Documented handover and familiarization of his/her replacement (Handover notes, Familiarization Form, Instruction of laboratory equipment, Instruction of medical equipment)
 ·       Collection of login data for new staff from IT Administrator on board
·       Assists the Doctor in coordinating with Chief/Crew Purser in cases of medical disembarkation or referral shoreside
·       Coordination of local purchase of medications
·       Final review and delivery of checklists to Medical Department Hamburg
·       Participation in cabin inspections
·       Maintenance of the vaccination database and administration of necessary vaccinations on Doctor’s order
·       Compliance with all infection control measures and implementation of appropriate measures
·       Inventory and reordering of infection control materials
Checking the first-aid kits and eye wash bottles on board

    • X-ray expertise
    • Basic Safety Course (STCW)
    • security Awareness Training
    • Valid German medical fitness certificate for sea service, (original document)
    • 2 year experience in an emergency room/intermediate care unit/intensive care room
    • Vaccination pass incl. yellow fever-,hepatitis A + B, MMR vaccination (original pass)