2nd ENGINEER - RORO PAX FERRY (with Frontier Work Permit)

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Cruise Ships – Engine Department /
Main Purpose of the Role
To fulfil the duties of an Officer within the Technical Department in an active and efficient manner, in order to implement the Company’s rules and requirements concerning the safe and efficient operation of the ship, and the protection of the environment.
The jobholder should remain flexible in the use of skills and abilities, to ensure the smooth running of the department and ship.
The Second Engineer Officer (2EO) will:
-         Assist the Chief Engineer Officer to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ship’s plant and machinery.
-         When required, deputize for the Chief Engineer Officer. A thorough familiarity with the CEO’s job description is required.
The Second Engineer Officer’s responsibilities include:
-         Ensuring that the Departmental Standing Orders are understood and complied with by all Technical Department personnel.
-         Ensuring that all maintenance work activities are carried out safely and diligently, using good engineering practice, observing the Code of Safe Working Practices and the Company’s Safety Management System.
-         Instructing the Engine Room Chief Petty Officer for the cleaning and maintenance of the machinery spaces.
-         Receiving regular reports from the Electro-Technical Officer and Shipwright to ensure that work from which a hazardous situation may result is carried out with his authority and oversight.
-         Ensuring that the requirements of the Company and statutory training programs are met.
-         Maintaining an interest in any delegated area of responsibility that is specified by the Senior Chief Engineer Officer.
-         If required, performing Engine Room watch-keeping duties in a manner necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the ship’s plant and machinery and the protection of the environment.
In addition to the duties of a 2EO, the requirement may exist to undertake the duties of the ship’s Environmental Officer. Using best endeavours to ensure compliance with:
-         The law
-         The ISM Code and Fleet Regulations
-         Control measures identified by the Company risk assessment system
-         Codes of Practice o Ship Internal Directives Improving the standard of environmental consciousness among the crew.
-         Maintaining appropriate records, which are to be made available for inspection on request of any safety or environmental representative, Head of Department, Master or other authorized person.
-         To ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the Company’s Safety Management System.
-         Suitably qualified 2EOs may be authorized to act as Chief Engineer Officer, if required to do so by the Senior Master, or by the Head of Fleet Operations or Fleet Department Manager. In view of this, 2EOs must ensure that they are fully familiar with the contents of the job description for the Chief Engineer Officer.
RESPONSIBLE TO: The Chief Engineer Officer for matters concerning the Technical Department, and the Master for those concerning the Environment.
Responsible for:
-         Supervising the actions of all Officers and Ratings within department, in way of matters either concerning routine, or those of the job holder’s own sphere(s) of responsibility within the Technical Department. –
-         Continually question own working practices striving to eliminate ‘non value added activity’ Personally demonstrate appropriate behaviours/ways of working to reflect/support the company policy regarding diversity – drive this approach across your Directorate Ensure personal behaviour promotes cultural change and reflects the values/behaviours of the business.
Knowledge & Skills
-         The 2EO must have or hold: Substantial experience as an Engineer Officer of Class 1 Passenger or Class 2 Freight/Passenger vessels sufficient to have a good understanding of all technical aspects of operating a Class 2 RoRo Passenger and Freight Ferry. A Certificate of Competency as STCW III/2 Chief Engineer, Unlimited.
-         A current ENG 1 Medical Certificate.
-         A suitable knowledge of the relevant security requirements of the ISPS Code The ability to lead Officers and Ratings of the Technical department Good communication & interpersonal skills.
-         The Jobholder must be able to liaise closely with all other departments of the Company, ashore and afloat.
-         The ability to co-ordinate maintenance issues with all departments on board.
-         Appropriate administrative skills.
-         The ability to prepare AS&DD / Refit / Repair Yard work lists. A sound understanding of Risk Assessment procedures and Planned Maintenance requirements
-         The 2EO should preferably have or hold: Substantial experience as a Senior Engineer Officer of Class 1 or Class 2 Freight/Passenger vessels Appropriate shore-based Fleet Department operational experience.
-         The ability to demonstrate a full understanding of the Company’s SMS structure and its relationship to the ISM Code.
-         A good knowledge of the Company’s H&S and Environmental Policy, and how that policy should be implemented.
-         Familiarity with the 2EO’s responsibilities and duties, and with best operational practice as set out in Fleet Regulations.
-         A good knowledge of on-board training requirements, and the ability to identify training need. Knowledge of the Company’s Visions and Values, and its Leadership Policy, and a willingness to promote same.
- Frontier Work Permit is a requirement
-         The ability and willingness to assist in the execution of audits /assessments as required by the Head of Fleet Operations. Computer skills (Windows, Word, Excel, Marine Software – Risk Assessment, Planned Maintenance, Storekeeper).
-         The ability to draft technical reports