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-       Responsible for the maintenance of the ship’s communication equipment, navigational aids, radio and TV sets and has to organize services as required by international and Company regulations
-       Ensures readiness of nautical equipment for operation
-       Keeps the ship’s communication equipment, including the GMDSS equipment in good working order and carries out the tests as required
-       Responsible to keep the GMDSS log book and other log books required
-       Responsible for the proper TV and radio program work in co-operation with the Cruise Director
-       Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the TV studio, cabin TVs
-       Maintenance of CCTV System
-       Responsible for Public Address System
-       Maintains official computers throughout the vessel
-       Keep Servers in good working order with scheduled physical preventive maintenance
-       Install, Maintain, repair PC workstations, ensure correct operation, install service packs and update software. Make sure installed programs follow type of user specification. Report users with installed software outside specification
-       Monitor UPS operation and battery expiry dates.
-       Maintain IT and communication equipment inventory. Ensure stock of critical spare parts
-       In respect of IT services subordinates to Company IT Manager
-       To maintain Internet Equipment, connections and technical support. (WI-FI etc.)

    • Must be able to read, write and fluently speak English
    • Serious professional personality.
    • Must be proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, and on board computer management systems.
    • Compliance with STCW training requirements