Product Tanker Master (Korean speaking)

South Korea /
Tanker Ships – Deck Department /
/ Remote
Job Description:
Responsible for the safe cargo operations and maintenance of the vessel.
Holder of valid COC (STCW Reg II/2) with verification.
Holder of valid STCW certifications required for the position.
Experience with multicultural working environment.
Good communication and leadership skills.
Fluent in written and spoken English language.
Safety culture and mindset.

Job Requirements

    • Minimum experience requirements: 12 months in RANK with the same type/size of vessel.
    • Experience in FRAMO cargo pump system is required.
    • Experience with Oil/Chem Cargoes (CPP, DPP, Crude Oil).
    • Experience in trading area USA and Australia is recommended.
    • Knowledge of Korean Language and Korean Maritime law
You may include with your application any reference, specific job qualification, and your availability date.
Looking forward to welcoming you in the Columbia Family.