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VIP Service Concierge
Reports to : VIP Services Manager

·       VIP Guest Management: Act as the primary point of contact for VIP guests, ensuring their needs and expectations are anticipated and exceeded. Coordinate personalized services, including dining reservations, special events, shore excursions, and onboard activities and services; 
·       ​VIP Team Management: Manage and provide guidance to a team of VIP service personnel, including concierge and butler staff, and other dedicated team members. Oversee their daily tasks, performance, and training, in order to maintain high level of service excellence; 
·       ​VIP Lounge Management: Manage the operation of VIP lounge areas and ensure the quality of service and the atmosphere are at the level expected; 
·       ​Guest Relations: Build and maintain positive relationships with VIP guests, ensuring their satisfaction throughout their cruise. Address any concerns or special requests promptly and effectively, offering appropriate solutions and personalized attention; 
·       ​Pre-Cruise Communication: Establish communication with VIP guests prior to their arrival, gathering information on their preferences, dietary requirements, special celebrations, and any other specific requests. Ensure that necessary arrangements are made in advance to exceed their expectations; 
·       ​Communication and Collaboration: Foster effective communication and collaboration with other vessel departments, such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, spa, among other, to ensure seamless coordination and delivery of VIP services. Liaise with department heads to ensure that VIP guests receive priority access, exclusive experiences, and exceptional service; 
·       ​VIP Amenities & Services: Arrange for personalized amenities and specialized services for VIP guests, such as welcome gifts, personalized stationery, preferred seating, and customized in-room amenities. Ensure that these amenities are delivered promptly and in line with guest preferences; 
·       ​Exclusive Events: Plan and execute exclusive events and activities for VIP guests, such as private cocktail receptions, gourmet dinners, and exclusive shore excursions. Coordinate with relevant departments to ensure smooth execution and a memorable experience for VIP guests; 
·       ​Arabic Cultural Expertise: Utilize your knowledge of Arabic culture, customs, and traditions to provide culturally sensitive and authentic experiences for Arabic VIP guests. Ensure that their unique needs and preferences are understood and met; 
·       ​Complaint Handling: Handle any guest complaints or issues promptly and effectively, ensuring that appropriate solutions are provided to maintain guest satisfaction. Escalate any complex issues to the appropriate management level for resolution; 
·       ​Feedback and Reporting: Collect guest feedback and monitor guest satisfaction levels. Prepare reports and provide insights on VIP guest preferences, trends, and areas for improvement to enhance the VIP service experience; 
·       ​Confidentiality and Discretion: Exercise a high level of confidentiality and discretion when handling VIP guest information, requests, and personal details. Ensure the privacy and security of VIP guests throughout their cruise; 
·       ​Training and Development: Participate in regular training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge. Stay updated on industry trends and best practices and share relevant information with the team; 
·       ​Safety and Security: Adhere to ship safety protocols and emergency procedures within the front office department. Monitor security measures and promptly report any incidents or concerns.​​ 

Profile :
·       minimum of 5-years’ experience as Guest Services or Concierge role, preferably in a luxury ship and/ or luxury hotel setting; 
·       ​Proficiency in Arabic and English is essential, with excellent verbal and written communication skills for guest interaction. Any additional languages is a plus; 
·       ​Vast knowledge of Arabic culture, customs, and etiquette; 
·       ​Strong organizational and multitasking capabilities with exceptional attention to detail and the ability to anticipate guest needs and preferences; 
·       ​Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build rapport with VIP guests and provide personalized attention; 
·       ​Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, with the ability to handle guest complaints and concerns with professionalism and empathy; 
·       ​Passionate for delivering exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for VIP guests; 
·       ​Professional demeanor and the ability to remain composed and customer-focused in high-pressure situations; 
·       ​Ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced, 24/7 operational environment, including weekends and holidays; 
·       ​Familiarity with shipboard property management systems, reservation systems, and Microsoft Office applications is recommended; 
·       ​Understanding of shipboard safety and security protocols and the ability to ensure compliance.​ 

Length of contract :
6 months on / 2 months off