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Do you want to help develop safeguards to the risks posed by superintelligent AI and forge the future of humanity?  We just might be looking for someone like you.

Who we are:
We are a London-based nonprofit that delivers real-world outcomes focused on guaranteeing humanity’s survival and future advancement. Through targeted campaigns and strategic advocacy, we have engaged with the UK AI Summit, proposed changes to the draft EU AI Act, and advocated for the clear and unambiguous banning of deepfake technology used for sexual abuse, fraud, and electoral misinformation.  Our future work will span the UK, EU, US, and the international community broadly.

What we do:
We believe that AI is a powerful technology that if misused or misdeveloped can cause great risks to humanity.
Our team includes veteran policy campaigners and advocates, technical experts, social media managers, original content creators, and world-class business operations staff.
Our work involves:
-- Setting ambitious goals
-- Crafting potent, compelling messaging
-- Developing effective and innovative policies to manage risks
-- Building tightly-focused, fast-paced campaigns
-- Learning quickly from our previous campaigns and informing future effort

Our organisation is growing rapidly, informed by the successes of our previous campaigns. You'll be a key part in helping to defining our strategy and approach for collecting, maintaining, and analysing data. Your work will be instrumental in helping us to optimise and analyse our external communications, and to deliver new insights that enable us to produce the best solutions to some of the most complex and important problems facing humanity today.

You will be provided the freedom to challenge the status quo and drive the analytics that help us solve problems to benefit the future of humanity.

About the role:
Within the ControlAI policy team you will have the opportunity to shape novel and ground-breaking policies related to AI and the future of humanity. You will be responsible for data analytics that will shape our campaign planning and operational performance. You will help us grow our social media presence and engagement, and assess our impact on public opinion and policymaking. You will report directly to the Head of Policy and work closely with the leadership team.

Note: we recognise that data scientists have a wide range of professional paths, and we don't expect every applicant to have the exact set of skillsets below. We encourage you to apply even if you feel that your background might not exactly match the description.

Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Undertake data collection and analysis to inform ControlAI's campaigns and policy development.
    • Undertake data analysis and develop deep insights on public opinion, behavioural trends, and external engagement to maximise the efficacy of our communications and campaigns.
    • Develop our data analytics pipeline for our fast-growing set of social media accounts and opinion research efforts.
    • Produce dashboards and streamlined reports that provide concise and actionable insights on our campaigns against key metrics.
    • Contribute new ideas to the ways we analyse, interpret, and communicate our data.
    • Potential to manage a team, and take on relevant responsibilities as the organisation grows.
    • Assist with any other relevant or related tasks as required by ControlAI.

Essential requirements:

    • 3+ years in a data science and/or data analytics role, ideally related to social media marketing and/or national and international campaigns.
    • Experience of Python, SQL and/or R.
    • Understanding of machine-learning and/or predictive analytics (e.g. Bayesian networks).
    • Experience turning data into insights and utilising tools such as Tableau, with a constant focus on identifying the "so what" implications of your analysis.
    • A desire to work in a multi-disciplinary teams with policy experts, content creators, and operations managers. You should be excited about working alongside less-technical colleagues and working together to maximise the impact of your insights.
    • An interest in reducing catastrophic risks of artificial intelligence and protecting the future of humanity.
    • Strong oral and written communications skills.
    • Strong managerial and mentorship skills.

Compensation and Benefits:

    • This is a full time position, but part-time may be considered (salary will be pro-rata’d).
    • A penthouse-suite office located in London Bridge with lunch provided by an in-house chef.
    • Strong vibrant office culture, with hybrid work schedule negotiable if required
    • Potential for national and international travel.
    • Paid Annual Leave: 28 days (this includes bank holidays)
£70,000 - £110,000 a year
Full Time - 40 hours a week.
6-12 Month Contract, with possibility of extension.
(Salary range is annual; to be pro-rated by duration)
Applications accepted through 22 April 2024, and will be assessed on a rolling basis. Following a review of your application, selected candidates will be invited to an initial interview to discuss the position and your motivations, experience, and interests. This may be followed by a second round of interviews with the senior leadership team.

ControlAI is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, military service status, citizenship, or any other protected characteristic,