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Cambridge Quantum (CQ) is a global leader in quantum computing.  Our software helps our partners, collaborators, and clients to solve the most difficult problems in their industries through quantum computing. Our focus is in the areas of quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning, quantum algorithms and quantum encryption.

Our cybersecurity division is developing a number of quantum-related technologies to enhance the security of our enterprise customers. This includes the world’s only quantum random number generator (QRNG) that uses quantum computers to produce perfectly unbiased entropy.

CQ's cybersecurity engineering team is growing quickly. We are looking for a cryptographic engineer who can participate in the wider software development cycle and review, analyse, design and implement classical cryptographic protocols. You will also demonstrate best practices to the team and be aware of the wider ramifications of their design and implementation decisions.  You will be working alongside closely with a world class cryptography and theory research team. 
We are flexible about your current level of expertise and experience.  We are happy to hire a cryptographic engineer at any level from intermediate right through to a highly seasoned and experienced person. We can provide a lot of support and we are happy to work with you to make a role that genuinely focuses around your strengths
An ideal candidate will:
Take an existing implementation of a cryptographic protocol, and perform a comprehensive evaluation, identifying any security or implementational errors that exist
Given a well-defined cryptographic specification, you will be able to effectively translate theory into reality and working with other members of the cybersecurity software engineering team produce working implementations, most likely in C++ or Rust
Work with other members of the engineering team to turn research into robust production software
Work with a range of existing software engineers, providing technical support and guidance on their cryptographic queries
Understand the trade-offs of cryptographic design decisions 

Responsibilities: Working within the cybersecurity software engineering team to:

    • Contribute to technical design specifications
    • Help design cryptographic implementations
    • Provide a two-way interface between the cryptographic research team and the software engineering team
    • Maintain a culture of high-quality cryptography and software engineering
    • Review existing cryptographic protocol implementations
    • Perform general software engineering, including writing non-cryptographic code as needed, assisting with code reviews, planning, etc

Key skills:

    • Good understanding of modern programming principles and languages ( C++ and Rust are particularly valuable)
    • Strong working knowledge of modern classical cryptography,  with the expertise to implement real-world systems
    • Knowledge of secure coding practices and cryptographic design
    • The ability to work with cryptographic researchers to translate theoretical requirements into implementable designs
    • The ability to analyse, verify (and detect errors) within existing cryptographic implementations
    • An interest in advancing your knowledge of state-of-the-art cryptography. 
    • Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics or another related discipline, or equivalent expertise and understanding

Desirable Skills:

    • Knowledge of hardware security modules
    • Experience with collaboration tools (such as Git)
    • Knowledge of the wider cybersecurity sector, in particular with regards to cryptography
    • The ability to work with skilled software engineers to resolve any cryptographic queries they have
    • Familiarity working within a Linux environment
    • A PhD or equivalent experience in classical cryptography or a similar discipline
    • Working knowledge of quantum cryptography and computing.  (This is not a requirement - we have a separate quantum research team.)
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure/AWS, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker and building cloud-based SaaS platforms
    • An interest in post-quantum cryptography (e.g. NIST PQ Round 3 submissions)
What is in it for you?

Working alongside a highly talented team, with leading names in the quantum computing industry. We offer a highly competitive package including equity participation, 28 day’s paid annual leave, a workplace pension and a positive approach to flexible working.

About Us:
Founded in 2014, CQ operates at the very core of quantum computing and is backed by some of the world’s leading partners with strong domain expertise including IBM, Honeywell and JSR Corp. Our core focus is in quantum software and enterprise applications in the area of quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning, and quantum encryption.  With over 150 professionals, CQ has a strong and unique scientific grounding in terms of its core team with over 100 scientists, of which over 70 are Ph.D. holders. CQ has a “Science Led; Enterprise Driven” approach and built a tier one ecosystem of customers, investors, and partners including IBM, Honeywell, JSR Corp, Total, Nippon Steel, and many other Fortune 500 companies. We are in the process of expanding our operations significantly across our offices in Cambridge (U.K.), Oxford, London, Washington, DC, and Tokyo.

In June 2021, CQ announced a merger with Honeywell Quantum Solutions (HQS), a Honeywell business unit and maker of the highest performing quantum computer currently available. Honeywell has been an investor in and commercial partner with Cambridge Quantum since 2019. The deal is intended to close in Q4 this calendar year and is subject to the satisfaction of certain regulatory approvals, and other customary closing conditions.

Please note that employment at CQ is subject to successfully passing our pre-employment screening checks.
CQ is an inclusive equal opportunity employer