Software Engineer (Quantum Chemistry)

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Cambridge Quantum (CQ) is a global leader in quantum computing.  Our software helps our partners, collaborators, and clients to solve the most difficult problems in their industries through quantum computing. Our focus is in the areas of quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning, quantum algorithms and quantum encryption.

CQ are looking for scientific software developers. You will work on the development of software solutions for our computational quantum chemistry framework (EUMEN) for the simulation of molecules and materials on quantum computers, and on efficient implementations of new chemistry quantum algorithms developed at CQ in combination with our algorithm researchers.
You should have either a strong scientific background for effective communications with research oriented users, or experience in commercial software development, quality assurance, security, distribution and third-party integration.
Based in our new and modern Cambridge office. You will be working in a highly dynamic, research-focused group with scientific direction from leading researchers. You will have the freedom to think independently and creatively. This is an excellent opportunity for the successful candidate to build their career in a growing company, building cutting edge chemistry focused Quantum software and applications. 

Key Requirements:

    • Comfortable and experienced working on software with a team, and writing code ideally Python and C++ that can be understood by others.
    • Experience with collaboration tools (e.g. version control, bug tracking systems) and general programming tools (e.g. a debugger, profiler, software testing tools).
    • A strong record in software engineering in the framework of theoretical, computational or mathematical physics, chemistry, materials science or applied mathematics. This requirement is essential for both positions.
    • A 2:1 degree or higher in Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, or Engineering

Desirable Skills:

    • Knowledge of quantum computing and quantum algorithms for chemistry.
    • Expertise of modelling either solid-state or molecular systems.
    • Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes, working in a DevOps environment
    • Experience with license management
    • Expertise of modelling either solid-state or molecular systems.
    • A Master's degree or Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science or a related discipline 
What is in it for you?

Working alongside a highly talented team, with leading names in the quantum computing industry. We offer a highly competitive package including equity participation, 28 day’s paid annual leave, a workplace pension and a positive approach to flexible working.

About Us:
Founded in 2014, CQ operates at the very core of quantum computing and is backed by some of the world’s leading partners with strong domain expertise including IBM, Honeywell and JSR Corp. Our core focus is in quantum software and enterprise applications in the area of quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning, and quantum encryption.  With over 150 professionals, CQ has a strong and unique scientific grounding in terms of its core team with over 100 scientists, of which over 70 are Ph.D. holders. CQ has a “Science Led; Enterprise Driven” approach and built a tier one ecosystem of customers, investors, and partners including IBM, Honeywell, JSR Corp, Total, Nippon Steel, and many other Fortune 500 companies. We are in the process of expanding our operations significantly across our offices in Cambridge (U.K.), Oxford, London, Washington, DC, and Tokyo.

Quantinuum is the combination of Cambridge Quantum with Honeywell Quantum Solutions, structured to drive the future of quantum computing. By uniting best-in-class software and enabling tools with the best-performing quantum computers, we are delivering on the potential of quantum technology today. We aim to be a center of gravity for quantum computing, supporting collaboration across the ecosystem.

Science led, enterprise driven. Driven to Discover the Future

The combined company has a team of nearly 400 people. Among them you'll find the world's leading quantum computing hardware and software experts. Not only are they driven to discover the future, but they are also committed to change the world for the better.

Please note that employment with us is subject to successfully passing our pre-employment screening checks. We are an inclusive equal opportunity employer.