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Our Mission
“Make work attractive and accessible to all"
From this statement, Florent Malbranche and Jean Lebrument, have founded Brigad in 2016, a mission-driven company. Brigad is an app/website that enables self-employed professionals and businesses in Hospitality and Healthcare to connect for flexible missions.
Brigad exists to build the most sustainable ecosystem to enable talents to build a career from their passion. A better pay, a better work-life balance, and better career development opportunities.
“Where Passions Thrive”

Our Values
Brigad's fundamental values guide us every day, to face these challenges with coherence and build an extremely strong culture:
Brave: Be bold and make courageous moves
Impact: Do things that make a real difference
Care: Pay attention to all the people around you
Enjoy: Love what you do and have fun

If you don't see the perfect job position, just apply to this one and we'll make sure to keep you updated about opportunities that could match with what you're looking for!

Note: if you're looking for a mission as a freelance within the hospitality or healthcare industry, please follow this link .


Si vous ne trouvez pas le poste qui vous convient, partagez votre intérêt avec nous et nous vous tiendrons informés sur les opportunités à pourvoir qui correspondent à vos recherches ! 

Note : si vous recherchez une mission en tant que auto entrepreneur dans le secteur de l'hôtellerie ou des soins de santé, veuillez suivre ce lien.

The Experience We Offer
We live by our values in many ways to create the best experience possible for our employees.

Brave: We strongly believe that for the same job and level, employees should be equally paid. We’ve developed our internal salary grid to ensure equity among employees. We want Brigad’ success to be your success too: we grant BSPCEs to all our employees, we know joining a scale up sometimes means navigating into the unknown.

Impact: Being a mission driven company means having an impact on the society and also on our employees. We are proud to be an Eco responsible company, engaged on several CSR projects (Diversity with Tech Your Place,…). We have chosen to maintain salaries during maternity/paternity leave. All employees can take advantage of this benefit, no matter their tenure at Brigad. We also offer 4 additional days of leave in the month following the return from maternity/paternity leave, to enable employees to ease back into work in the best possible conditions.

Care: We identify ourselves as an office first company but with a flexible working environment where you don’t have to chose between working or spending time with the people you care the most. We offer up to 7 days of remote work per month in France and for our employees having parents/grandparents living in another country, we offer them a full remote week to spend more time with them every year.

Enjoy: We enjoy working together not just through company monthly events or seminars, but also by learning together. We’ve created career ladders for our teams, with real opportunity to develop new skills, expertise, and grow in a new role with our internal mobility program. We also offer English and French classes and other learning programs depending on your team (using 360Learning).

Learn more about us: who we are, our values, our teams and the recruitment process, here.

Brigad ensures equal opportunities for all candidates. Each application received is considered regardless of ethnic and racial origin, opinions, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, health or disability.

We are dedicated to building an equitable, inclusive, and authentic workspace. Unique and diverse perspectives are welcomed, and continuous growth is encouraged. We believe that people are more than their resumes, so if your past experience looks different than the criteria listed, we'd still love to hear from you. We appreciate and celebrate non-traditional life routes and encourage you to apply should you connect with a job description or our values.