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Why are we recruiting?
For a new production, we are looking for a Senior Graphics Programmer to strengthen the team behind "A Plague Tale: Requiem" from the pre-production phase.

Why is this a great opportunity?
Because you’ll join an ambitious team composed of experienced and passionate people, and you’ll have the opportunity to make a strong impact on the project.

The team
Within the engine team which consists of 5 people, you will be under the supervision of Nicolas, Lead Engine Programmer. You will also work in collaboration with other departments.

Your mission

    • You will develop and implement systems and tools used in Engine, rendering, and technology needs such as streaming, world edition, shaders, lighting, particles, effects
    • You will perform memory and performance optimizations to meet the requirements of target platforms
    • You will provide support to technical artists and other team members as required to utilize the 3D technology correctly and efficiently
    • You will analyse and propose improvements to the existing 3D technology in the engine
    • You will help and guide less experienced programmers in your team

The fundamentals to succeed in this role

    • You hold a diploma in computer science (engineering school or similar training)
    • You have first-hand experience in a similar position in the video game industry
    • You have strong knowledge of C++ with excellent understanding of multi-threaded programming techniques
    • You have a good understanding of modern GPU rendering pipeline and how to use them efficiently
    • You have solid knowledges of one of these rendering APIs : DirectX12 / Vulkan
    • You have a solid understanding of 3D linear algebra
    • You have experience with modern rendering techniques: TAA, deferred rendering, reflections, global illumination.

The little extras to be even more comfortable

    • You have experience with profiling tools
    • You have experience with hardware raytracing
Your application

If this opportunity sounds like a relevant next step for your career, we'd love to meet you. Do not hesitate to fill out the contact form below with your CV and cover letter (and if you have a portfolio to present to us, we are of course interested).

What are the next steps?

- Study of your application
- Technical test
- Interview with a member of the HR team
- Technical interview with the Leads of the project

If you want to know us better, take a look at our Instagram. Otherwise you can also go to our LinkedIn, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account, there are plenty of things to discover about life in Asobo!

See you soon!

The Asobo team

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Ta candidature

Si cette opportunité ressemble à une prochaine étape pertinente pour ta carrière, nous serions ravis de pouvoir te rencontrer. N’hésite pas à remplir le formulaire de contact ci-dessous avec ton CV et ta lettre de motivation (et si tu as un portfolio à nous présenter, ça nous intéresse bien sûr).

Les prochaines étapes ?

- Etude de ta candidature
- Test technique (si applicable)
- Entretien avec un membre de l'équipe RH
- Entretien technique avec les Leads du projet

Si tu veux mieux nous connaître, jette un œil à notre Instagram. Sinon tu peux aussi te rendre sur notre LinkedIn, notre page Facebook, ou notre compte Twitter, il y a plein de choses à découvrir sur la vie à Asobo !

On se dit à bientôt !

La team Asobo

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